If you are interested in knowing the secrets of the science and art of astrology, and at the same time find out all about your relationships, this is the book for you. Astrology is a combination of astronomy, art, mathematics, metaphysics, psychology, and symbolic language. This book has all that, and more, including information about the best astrological software and methods available. Also, as a special bonus, an entire chapter is dedicated to Biblical translations with astrological references that bring to light the chapters of “Revelation.” Included in the book is a unique set of 16 two-sided, color-coded cards featuring the symbolic language of astrology, which together with the multiple examples of people’s relationships, facilitate the learning and teaching process.

The simplified method presented in this book will guide you to interpret your birth map, as well as all types of composite relationships: romantic, family, business, friendship. This composite method provides a true insight into the relationship. It is based on the fact that when two people are involved with each other, there are three entities: the two people and the relationship. We all relate different to different people thus every relationship is a unique experience with its own specific needs. Hence, the composite chart is considered an entity in its own right.

Undoubtedly, obtaining the right chart is the key to astrological accuracy and success. The composite chart is the product of a powerful combination of midpoints between two individuals. The midpoint dynamic represents sensitive points or “vibrations” that exist between the two entities. When these sensitivities are stimulated by planetary energies (aspects) herald the most significant turning points in both their lives, but the level of the impact is greatly dependent on what is already promised in the natal composite.

The right composite chart reveals much more than we could ever find in the individual natal charts. This type of chart unravels details about the relationship that would otherwise remain hidden and consequently undermine and threaten the relationship. Awareness enables the healing process to occur in painful relationships, so that both individuals can find peace of mind.

The most significant relationships, such as family, were established at the time of birth. Most probably, these people are going to be a part of an individual’s life one way or another. There could be a karmic condition or unfinished business from a past life. What good would it do to compare charts?

With chart comparison, or “synastry” (compatibility method commonly used), it is easy to get lost in a labyrinth of generalities and technicalities that lead nowhere. Maybe his Venus is compatible with her Mars, but her Venus is not compatible with his Mars. We could go on comparing everything between the two charts and never arrive at any significant conclusion about the relationship. Comparing two people against each other might create competition and dissension, and does not help to understand the relationship. By understanding how two people function as a unit there is a better perspective on the relationship, instead of a threatening atmosphere.

A relationship is a Libra function. Libra is the symbol of blending, bonding, merging, uniting. It is learning how to share, be fair, and compromise. The main purpose of the sign representing the scales of justice is to learn objectivity, to be impartial, or consider both sides equally. The key to relationships is objectivity, and the composite method provides it.

Astrology is the science of life. The Creator of the universe provided us with this original sacred science as an empirical guide through life’s experience. The creative and inspired symbolic language is the key to learning astrology, and this book provides it conveniently, as close as your fingertips.



Contrary to the latest astronomical claims that Pluto is no longer considered a planet due to its small size, astrologers, whose observations go beyond physical appearances, have proven Pluto’s cycle to be a dynamo of influential power upon world events and the generations. It specifically shows how one generation impacts the next and what to expect when each one begins to stamp its mark upon the world. Pluto’s cycle around the zodiac takes 248.42 years and its erratic orbit causes it to spend from 12 to 33 years in each zodiac sign dividing the generations accordingly.

The recollection of factual events in this book clearly confirm that every time Pluto returns to the same sign, the same issues resurface thus promoting plague-like movements that spread through the collective consciousness. People feel motivated or compelled to express the issues related to the particular sign being activated by Pluto at the time. Likewise, the generation born absorbs the pertinent qualities of the sign that will identify them as part of a specific group sharing the same fundamental motivations for the rest of their lives.

Recollecting past cycles brings new light to the old slogans; “what goes around comes around,” and “what goes up must come down”. Hence, every new cycle represents a new opportunity for growth and improvements. Pluto’s cycles prove that history cannot be stopped from repeating, but awareness can make a big difference towards modifying the future. Pluto’s initial effect is to empower the qualities of the sign thus after the exuberance, the result is transmutation and regeneration.

No need to know astrology to understand the context in this book. It provides the keywords, or issues related to each of the 12 zodiacal signs and the rest is self-explanatory. For example; Sagittarius refers to international travel, ethnicity, religion, laws, morality, status, optimism, and expansion. During Sagittarius mass movements, the drive for supremacy by the tyrants of the world intensifies and ideology becomes a divisive force. This allows tyrants to prey on the ignorance of some and the greed and prejudice of others that promote terrorism, war, and migrations.

The Pluto in Sagittarius Mass Movement (1995-2008) attests to the massive increase in ethnic-religious conflicts and migration of refugees around the world. From the “ethnic cleansing” massacres in Eastern Europe, to the old religious-ethnic hatreds in the Middle East, rebels insurgences and terrorism in the name of God, foreign invasions, and devastating weather conditions, most countries are now overwhelmed dealing with refugees, immigrants, and religious fanaticism.

During the previous Sagittarius cycle (1748-62), European countries were in turmoil at the peak of the Protestant Reformation Movement. Catholics, Puritans, and other religious sects, including the society of Freemasons were trying to escape persecution and execution. The church was linked to corrupt monarchs who were living off of the working poor resulting in massive migrations from Europe to the Americas. At the same time, the new American colonies were battling Native Americans for territory – all struggling to survive under difficult circumstances. We can only speculate on the hostility among so many cultures and languages, or on how the Native Americans felt about being invaded by so many strange foreigners infringing on their culture, beliefs, and life in general.

In an enlightened world, tyrants would not be able to capitalize on greed and the extreme idyllic beliefs that keep people in bondage. The positive use of Sagittarius energy is to learn expansion of consciousness that results from cultural exchange and mutual respect. In an enlightened world, the potential for growth is liberating and limitless. The security and health of the Earth and humanity would be a priority, regardless of race, creed, nationality, or economic status.

Dire consequences from idyllic extremes during the imperialistic Sagittarius cycle have to be faced in the Capricorn cycle now in process (2008-24). Corporate and religious empires are disproportionately dominating the wealth and authority, however, history shows that absolute power corrupts and it leads to self-destruction. New governments always rise from the ashes of the old ones during Capricorn cycles (government, big business, responsibility, social consciousness, limitation), in order to promote reasonable social balance.

In the previous Capricorn cycle (1762-78), the Spanish Empire lost its power and the British Empire lost the American colonies in the Revolutionary War, also followed by the French Revolution. This time around, as soon as Pluto went into Capricorn in 2008, the world suddenly went from over-expansion and exuberance, to over-contraction and depression. Although the American Empire is the only super-power left in the world, is showing signs of weakness due to depletion of resources required for extended military operations around the world.

We can look back to previous cycles and know what to expect because as long as the world remains ignorant of planetary cycles, history will continue to repeat with limited progress. Proofs to these facts are in this educational, easy to read, reference book, which offers a comprehensive historical compilation from the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, birth and death of Jesus the Christ, to projections into the 23rd millennium and beyond. The awareness and information contained in “Why History Repeats” – Mass Movements and the Generations – Past, Present, Future, should be a priority for all students of life on Planet Earth. “TO B E WARNED IS TO BE ARMED”