Author : Theresa H. McDevitt
Mar 01, 2011

Since the year 2000 the world has been experiencing the final period of transition from the Pisces Age of illusion, dependency, victimization, that began at least 100 years before the Common Era; to the Aquarius Age of reason, independence, and general progress expected to begin around the year 2060. 

A World Age consists of 2,160 years, based on the Vernal Equinox movement of one degree of space every 72 years. For mathematical purposes, the signs of the zodiac consist of 30 degrees each (72 x 30 = 2,160). If 100 years are deducted from 2160, the end of the Pisces Age and the start of the Aquarius Age register around the year 2060. 

The famous scientist Isaac Newton, one of the sharpest minds in the history of mankind, who had unraveled the laws of gravity and planetary motions, predicted the year 2060 for the end of the world as we knew it. There is a letter from 1704 at the Jerusalem’s Hebrew University showing that Newton used the Bible’s Book of Daniel to calculate the date. Naturally, we have to assume that such eminent scientist, who had spent his life studying the heavens, understood that what the Bible referred to as “the apocalypse” was really the end of an earth cycle based on the Vernal Equinox. 

The Pisces Age was about emotional addictions, and the enforcement of obedience and submission to a higher power, not only to a supreme being, but to all those who hold power and wealth. During this transitional period the heavy burdened and oppressed masses begin to lose faith and trust in the traditional system. Overwhelmed with disappointment they begin to demand change. Thus, before the end of the Pluto in Capricorn cycle the old dictatorial and imperialistic governments will be the first casualties. 

The synchronicity of Pluto’s cycle and World Ages can provide significant insights into the past, present, and future. Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2023) is giving Government, Church, and Big Business, the final opportunity to implement the old suppressive structures of control and division that hold people in bondage. The gap between the powerfully wealthy and the regular working people has reached the ultimate extreme. Corrupt politicians and corporate imperialism are still using religion to manipulate the masses that keep them in power. 

Other obvious signs of the Pisces Age ending have been the intensification of beliefs on God’s ultimate condemnation against the infidels of the two major world religions, Islam and Christianity. Both religions are equally awaiting the upcoming demise of the other. The survival of both of these religions is still dependent on illusion, violence, ignorance, and victimization. 

On the other side of the spectrum, the New Age community, inclusive of many mystics such as, psychics, channelers, and some astrologers are expecting the quick emergence of a Utopian Aquarian society of highly advanced consciousness where love, peace, and harmony rules the world. The Aquarius principle has been somewhat overrated since the idealistic Pluto in Leo generation, known as “baby boomers” were in their most creative stage during the Pluto in Libra cycle (1971-84). Leo’s sense of self-identity was obviously also reflecting on the social consciousness of its opposite counterpart Aquarius. 

In order to know what to really expect in the Aquarius Age, we first have to understand what the sign Aquarius is about: It is a fixed-air sign, which translates to an obstinate mentality. It is cold, calculating, intellectually and scientifically focused, and persistent in the pursuit of a goal. Its humanitarian concerns are impersonal, detached, rebellious, and revolutionary. A determined and independent mentality can be temperamental, erratic, and explosive, especially under pressure or deprived of freedom. Aquarius rules humanity in general and the need for freedom and diversity. Aquarius energy never feels it belongs anywhere in particular. It is disconnected from all forms of self-definitions as defined by the customs of society. Rigid and fixed ideas about how everything should be instigate challenges and confrontations. In order to avoid anti-social behavior, Aquarius needs to play a meaningful role in society by integrating individual social visions within the established system. 

Pluto in Aquarius (2023-43) will give us a clue of what the Aquarius Age is about. As soon as Pluto begins to empower the revolutionary spirit of humanity the struggle for liberty and social justice becomes uncontrollable. People power will reclaim the need to express true originality. No one will be willing to suppress individual potential, or be limited in any way because of gender, race, nationality, religion, or social status. Pluto in Aquarius promotes the need to break the barriers that separate people, encouraging independent thinking and equal participation in the process. 

During this transition, in a critically overpopulated world, a multitude of diverse and divisive revolutionary groups begin to assemble, but the 37 years from 2023 to 2060 and some time afterward could be the most turbulent. For reasons of security they will compete with each other for supremacy as they try to destabilize the established order. The Tea Party group in the United States is an example of the many yet to come. The people who are still locked into peer group control, used to being told what to do and what to think, will be desperately seeking a group to join. 

Many people will feel bewildered not knowing which way to turn, unable to adjust to being disenfranchised from old dependencies and attachments. Severing traditions that prevented growth and moving forward can be perceived as undermining and threatening. Thus, having the rug pulled out from under peoples’ feet will force them to think for themselves and take charge of their own destiny. 

The Pisces to Aquarius transition will not be Armageddon or Utopia. The idyllic concept of the “Brotherhood of Man” perceived during the illusive Pisces Age is difficult to achieve on Planet Earth, at least not at the present state of human evolution. Most people are still heavily immersed in the super idyllic Pisces energy such as, worshiping idols, blind beliefs, blind following, unrealistic supernatural fantasies, and expectations. 

The drastic transition from dependency to personal responsibility heralds a very difficult period. Aquarius is not a peaceful sign. It is full of controversy and dichotomy in order to promote independence and change. It is a long road from chaos to progress thus plenty of instability and turmoil can be expected for many years to come. 

Eventually, out of the chaos a myriad of magnificent new inventions and discoveries will emerge, as well as great leaps of growth and progress in human consciousness. 

However, any degree of progress or advancement is always dependent on the will of the people in accordance to background cultural experiences and exposure. The science and art of astrology with its motto “to be warned is to be armed,” can play a very important part towards the improvement and acceleration of the process. Astrology is counterpart to the Aquarius concept of science and independent thinking, in order to explore every possibility that leads to humanity’s overall progress.

Please Note: Information extends to the future.
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