Astrology vs. Science

Author : Theresa H. McDevitt
Dec 01, 2007



(This is the complete original article that was published in the Winter 2007 NCGR JOURNAL – later events are added) By Theresa H. McDevitt

The entire Uranus-Neptune cycle covers approximately 172 years. There are usually 3 conjunctions, two consecutive times in the same sign, returning again every 4,000+ years. In the past two millennium 13 conjunctions have taken place within seven zodiacal signs. This dynamic duo can be depicted as revolutionary changes leading to new spiritual realizations. The issues of erratic and abrupt changes (Uranus), sacrifice, and deprivation (Neptune) become paramount during this cycle. 

Similar to statistical scientists, astrologers understand that although many similar events attributed to planetary configurations happen to a lesser extent at all times around the world, what makes a difference is the overwhelming poignancy of the prominent issues brought about by specific cycles. The instability promoted by the combination of these two giants has had a significant influence on the United States affecting race relations, weather patterns, and economic trends. 

It is common knowledge that the history of the United States of America is intrinsically connected to race and ethnic relations, as well as being a leader on economic trends. Climate changes also appear synonymous with the Uranus-Neptune powerful combination: Atmospheric disturbances, such as wind and rain in crazy, strange and confused ways; electric storms; loss of electric power; chemical pollution; floods; tsunamis; hurricanes and polluted oceans. The following assessment supports these facts relating primarily to the effects on US territory. 


The Scorpio cycle (1478) impacted the areas between the Baring Straits of Alaska to Washington State and California. It is possible that Asian tribes were still crossing over and settling in North America. Also occurring was the union of Spain’s Aragon and Castile under Ferdinand the Catholic and Isabella, who in 1480 began the Inquisition and in 1492, reportedly financed the New World voyages of Christopher Columbus. 

The Sagittarius cycle (1650) impacted the areas between Washington State to Wisconsin and from Canada to Mexico. Spanish conquerors were exploring the North West, colonizing California and Mexico and destroying what was left of the Mayan civilization in Mexico. According to scientists and historians, other causes for the demise of the Mayans have been attributed to earthquakes and climatic changes. Also, according to Grun’s The Time Tables of History, in 1650, the new American colonies began the extermination of North American Indians. 


This conjunction marked the beginning of the industrial revolution at the peak of the slave trade and establishment of southern plantations. In addition, the young nation was having problems with Native American tribes. William Henry Harrison, Governor of the Indiana Territory, led the famous battle of Tippecanoe (1811) to deal with the matter. He organized the first genocidal slaughter of an Indian Nation, which led to the “Trail of Tears.” Legend has it that the younger shaman brother of the Shawnee Chief, Tecumseh, cursed the great white father in Washington for broken promises, which became known as Tecumseh’s Curse. In 1840, William Henry Harrison was elected US President; but shortly after taking office, he died from pneumonia. This event was the first death associated with the infamous Tecumseh curse that have repeated every 20 years, thus also thought to be related to the Jupiter-Saturn cycle. Since Harrison’s death, every other President inaugurated on a year ending in 0 has not finished in office, except for Ronald Reagan, who survived a gunshot due to a mutation on the cycle that year. 

President George W. Bush (2000-08) was the next one in line for the fulfillment of the alleged curse. Since the implication of the curse was to cause damage to the nation, this time the curse seemed to have been fulfilled by the administration’s detrimental policies such as, misleading the nation into an unnecessary war, increased ethnic/racial and economic divisions, increased enemy forces, constitutional damage, environmental neglect, loss of world prestige, and insurmountable economic deficits with indefinite dire consequences. 


From the start of the applying conjunction in 1992, the US experienced the wrath of hurricane Andrew in south Florida, sever storm in New York flooded subways with 4 feet of water and caused significant erosion to the Long Island coast. In 1993  catastrophic floods down the Mississippi river affected 10 states.  At the same time, police officers were acquitted for the brutal beating of Rodney King, which led to the Los Angeles riots and the re-trial of the guilty officers. 

By the second conjunction there was another controversial trial involving 2 black teenagers, whom during the riots attacked Reggie Denny a white truck driver, who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The guilty verdict was delivered by the third conjunction in October 1993. During the separating conjunction in 1994, the O. J. Simpson “trial of the century” caused additional race divisions around the country. A primarily black jury acquitted the black football hero for the double murder charge despite insurmountable evidence of guilt. During the past two cycles the flaws in the system of government (Capricorn) were highlighted. 

In the geodetic map of the world the sign Aries starts at Greenwich 0 longitude. The rest of the signs follow eastwards in their natural order of 30 degrees each. Capricorn occupies the segment from 90W to 60W longitude from the Arctic to the Antarctic, encompassing the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, part of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and most of South America (see map included). These areas were activated by the past two triple conjunctions (1821 and 1993). The Mississippi river goes along the line of 90W longitude from north to south. (Opposite signs on the other side of Earth can be also activated to a lesser extent). 


(10 to 44 years between hard aspects - within orb from prior to after exactness) 

Conjunction 1821: 

Industrial Revolution, Slave Trade, Southern Plantations, Indian Wars, Trail of Tears, Presidential Curse. 

Waxing Square 1865: 

Civil War ended, Lincoln assassinated, Slavery abolished by 13th Amendment. 

Quincunx 1895: 

Beginning Spanish American War (in 1898 US took possession of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam and Philippines). 

Opposition 1895: 

Great migration north of southern Blacks, Galveston hurricane killed over 6,000, San Francisco earthquake, Oil was discovered in Beaumont, TX. 

Quincunx October 1929: 

Stock Market crash, beginning of Great Depression. 

Waning Square 1957: 

Beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. 

Conjunction 1993: 

Hurricane Andrew, New York floods, Mississippi floods. The Los Angeles riots, and Simpson’s trial of the century. 

(Additional events of catastrophic proportions affected US and other countries during this cycle such as, record-breaking floods in Europe (93), major earthquakes in California (January/94), Kobe, Japan (95), China (96), Iran (98), Turkey (99), Guam, India, and Mexico). 

Next waxing square begins in 2035. 



In 2004 Uranus-Neptune began a mutual reception (in each other’s signs, Aquarius-Pisces respectively). These factors emphasize the issues of the signs, as if both planets were in both signs at the same time. In addition to having a strong effect on the oceans, gases and petroleum, it puts a spotlight on the poor and destitute in the signs of self-undoing (Pisces) and humanity (Aquarius). 

A few years after the conjunction, a mutual reception occurs lasting at least 7 years. There have been 5 mutual receptions from the Scorpio conjunction (1478) to the Capricorn conjunction (1993). Although the conjunction and mutual reception have the strongest effect on the weather, there are ups and downs in between related to major aspects. Specific disturbances have also been recorded during stations of either planet. 

During the current mutual reception all existing records on weather disturbances have been broken. Hurricanes have increased in size and strength significantly and in 2005 there were 27 named storms – unprecedented in tropical history. Except for the 1832 cholera epidemic that killed over 3,000 people in New York City and 4,340 in New Orleans, there is no historical documentation related to catastrophic events during the previous mutual reception period (1835-1842). However, since the mid-1990s scientists have been tracking hurricane activity through tree rings in the South East from the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. They found that particularly during the 1840’s there was evidence of hurricanes for which there was no historical documentation.



In December 2004 the Indonesian earthquake and subsequent tsunami killed 176,000 people from 11 countries – 3 months later another one killed 1,000. Florida was hit by 4 major hurricanes costing billions in damages and thousands homeless – the first time 4 major hurricanes were recorded in one area in the same season. 

The record-breaking hurricane season of 2005 also devastated the Gulf Coast States. The monsters hurricanes Katrina (Aug. 29) and Rita (Sep. 24) hit the largest refining and petrol-chemical centers in the nation located between Mississippi and Texas, including Beaumont, known as the oil center of Texas. Interestingly enough, except for New Orleans, the rest of the cities such as, Biloxi, Beaumont, Galveston, and Houston affected by the most powerful hurricanes in US history were incorporated during the previous Uranus-Neptune mutual reception. 

The catastrophic damage to the US oil production and tourist industry, in addition to the human tragedy caused by the floods in New Orleans, will have long-lasting consequences beyond the end of the mutual reception (2011). The American Civil War started after the previous mutual reception. We cannot dismiss the possibility of similar circumstances before the next waxing square (2035). 

The people mainly affected by the Katrina disaster in New Orleans were African Americans and the very poor, who had no means for evacuating on time. The huge amount of displaced citizens and the loss of property and jobs will affect America for many years to come. Most of all, it exposed the grim reality that the difference between life and death is still mostly dependent on poverty and race in the richest, most powerful country in the world. Domestic priorities were being dwarfed by the ill-advised war in Iraq. 

Ten months before hurricane Katrina, the October 2004 issue of National Geographic published an expose’ on the impending catastrophic floods in New Orleans titled, “Gone with the Water.” Most of the damage could have been avoided and lives saved had the federal government not declined to cut the funding to the US Army Corps of Engineers to fix the levees. The US President ignored the warnings from climatologists, as well as the pleas from local and state officials for Louisiana’s flood control and coastal erosion improvements project. 

Prior to Katrina Louisiana’s state officials were considering suing the federal government for a larger share of the $5 billion in royalties from offshore oil and natural gas drilling in the Gulf to pay for repairs to the deteriorating coast. On 7-20-06 Governor Kathleen Blanco filed a lawsuit in New Orleans federal district court, in August she signed off on a settlement and on 12-9-06 the Senate confirmed the share of offshore oil revenues to fund coastal restoration and hurricane protection projects, which the US President signed. 

In October 2005 the monster hurricane Wilma devastated the region around Cancun, Mexico and continued on the path of destruction to South Florida causing major floods and loss of electric power for weeks. In addition, unusual November tornados in the US mid-west and east caused significant devastation leaving many more homeless. Mayans in Central America suffered a severe storm with catastrophic mudslides, countless deaths and homeless. In the same month one of the worst violent earthquake in the history of India and Pakistan killed thousands and many more homeless. In 2006-07 the North East experienced unusual warm winters and unusual tornados devastated entire communities in central Florida and mid-eastern states. California weather turned extremely violent with catastrophic fires intensified in 2007-09, leaving thousands homeless. 


Nothing happens on Earth that the planets won’t show. Planetary cycles are predestined, but what people choose to do is not. Freewill is always available and awareness accelerates the growth process towards progress. There are a myriad of planetary cycles in process at any given time, all in perfect synchronicity. The Uranus-Neptune cycle in particular exposes the vulnerabilities and barriers that prevent humanity from achieving its greatest potential.

It seems highly probably that the latest global warming and climate changes were triggered by the 1993 Uranus-Neptune conjunction, followed by the mutual reception in process since 2004. Scientists concur bigger storms began to form since 1990s pointing specifically at 1995, which coincides with Uranus ingress into Aquarius, above Greenland and activating the Atlantic Ocean. The melting of Greenland’s glaciers increased when Neptune joined Uranus in Aquarius in 1998. Scientists also recorded a temporary intensification of storms from the 1950s to 1960s during the last waning square.

Scientists claim they are still trying to understand that frequency of major hurricanes rises and falls seem to be on a cyclic time frame. Unawareness of planetary cycles will keep them speculating and struggling to understand this phenomenon. Uranus (oxygen, electric power, disruption) and Neptune (oceans, greenhouse gases (“the climate-change driver”) can certainly be attributed to global warming. The fact that Neptune and Pisces rule petroleum contributes to the drastic exposure of these issues, such as the war in Iraq, a major center of oil in the world and the war on terror also referred to as the clash of civilizations (west vs. east, progress (Uranus) vs. blind belief (Neptune).

Neptune’s issues of victimization have been further emphasized by the cycle of Pluto in Sagittarius (religion, ethnic cleansing, migration, refugees (1995-2008). Interestingly, Pluto went into Scorpio in 1490 during the Uranus-Neptune Scorpio cycle (1478); and during the Sagittarius cycle of 1650, Pluto was in its opposite sign Gemini. Pluto was activating the areas between TX and LA in 2005; and as it crossed longitude 90, tornados began to occur east of the Mississippi.


The violent weather trend begun in the last Uranus-Neptune conjunction (1993) and the issues of global warming, oil and human suffering will remain in the forefront as Neptune begins its sojourn into Pisces in 2011. This will mark a crucial turning point in the war on terror and in the dire epidemic of homelessness around the world as a result of war and natural disasters. The period from 2008 to 2011 should be especially critical when the mutual reception intensifies reaching the exact semi-sextile for the last time in this cycle. In September 2009 double cyclones devastated the Philippines with sustained 120 to 150 mph winds, hundreds dead, and millions in cost. 

Problems with oil, lack of clean water, homelessness, and overall difficulties will remain while Neptune is in Pisces until 2026 during the unstable times with Pluto in Aquarius (2023-43), which will lead to major government and social reforms. (Refer to “Why History Repeats” by this author). 

Meanwhile, let us not forget that the geodetic position of these two giants is still right above Greenland thus activating the entire Atlantic Ocean. Although some scientists still argue whether climate change due to human activity could significantly affect hurricanes, it is logical to assume that as the world’s pollutants worsen, so will the negative effects on the weather from the Uranus-Neptune cycle. 

In an enlightened world tyrants would not be able to capitalize on extreme idyllic beliefs that keep people in bondage. The security and health of the Earth and its citizens, regardless of race, creed, nationality, or economic status would be a priority. In an enlightened world the heighten awareness promoted by the Uranus-Neptune cycle would be better assimilated in consciousness, thus accelerating the growth process toward progress – revolutionary changes (Uranus) leading to new spiritual realizations (Neptune). 

The next Uranus-Neptune conjunction is due to begin in 2163 in Aquarius followed by the mutual reception beginning 2170. The first Aquarius cycle in over 4,000 years promises to be the most significant ever. By this time the Aquarius Age will be in full swing making progress a priority. This cycle will impact the areas from Greenland to the Antarctic and the Atlantic Ocean. Using submarine sonar data documenting thinning ice in the Arctic, scientists predict that the ice in Greenland could be absent in summer by 2100. This scientific speculation could possibly coincide with the next conjunction in the 2160s. Likewise, incessant observations are the basis for astrological verities. We should continue to observe the on-going mutual reception, stations, and major aspects between conjunctions, such as the next waxing square due in 2035.

Astrologers can speculate on future possibilities by looking into the past because history reflects the nature of planetary cycles and preventive measures depend mainly on enlightened awareness. A significant observation concerning the Uranus-Neptune cycles from 1478 to 1993 involving the signs Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn, is that geodetically these areas pertain to the continents of North and South America, including the Caribbean. There was perfect timing between these cycles and the European discovery of the New World. It has truly been an American experiment in process marked by the powerful Uranus-Neptune cycle. (The geodetic map of the Americas is posted at the end of this article). 


My research on this particular planetary cycle specifically showed a conclusive correlation with the history of the United States and its intrinsic connection to race and ethnic relations. The Uranus-Neptune cycle marked every major developmental stage: From the first colonists encounters with Native Americans, to the Indian Wars, Slave Trade, Civil War, Civil Rights Movement, and Immigration reforms, to the 2005 tragedy of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, LA. Furthermore, due to the geodetic position of the signs Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn occupying the entire continent of North and Central America where all the conjunctions have taken place since 1478, the last four cycles of Uranus-Neptune coincided with the European discovery of the New World and its subsequent development. 

On October 3, 2008, as soon as Uranus and Neptune made a station-direct to resume the final stage of the mutual reception that followed the 1993 conjunction, OJ Simpson was found guilty of armed robbery, kidnapping, and 10 other felonies as part of a plot to reclaim sports memorabilia he lost after the murders in 1994. On December 5, 2008, as the planets reached the exact semisextile he was finally sentenced to 33 years in prison. 

The ultimate historical event during the latest Uranus-Neptune cycle and its influence on race relations was the inauguration of the first black US President on January 20, 2009. A prominence of further racial issues related to this event is to be expected, at least until the duration of the Mutual Reception (March 2011). 

While the mutual reception continues on its exact semi-sextile, a devastating earthquake hit the island nation of Haiti on January 12, 2010. There was total destruction, over 200,000 dead people, and millions homeless. The chaotic effects of this terrible tragedy will be felt for many years to come.  On February 27, 2010, as the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception reached exactness, another devastating earthquake hit Chile in South America. During these last stages of the mutual reception, many other earthquakes have been recorded  in California and another devastating one in China. The effects are being emphasized by the last opposition from Saturn to Uranus from April to September 2010. In addition, in March, as soon as Jupiter joined Uranus in Pisces over Iceland (see map below) it caused a massive volcano eruption.  In addition, the destructive Saturn-Pluto square from Oct/09 to Sept/10, is also contributing to the bad weather and other devastating natural disasters (refer to EXTRA INFO). 

Earth turbulence could continue throughout 2011when Uranus makes a critical waxing square to Pluto. The Iceland volcano had been dormant since 1820-22, during the previous Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn, square Pluto-Jupiter conjunct in Aries -- history repeating again, as indicated by these major planetary cycles. 

The winter of 2010 has broken all-time records of low temperatures and snow storms in the US North East, while the North West recorded unusual warm weather.


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