Author : Theresa H. McDevitt
Oct 01, 2012

Please Note: Information extends to the future.

The sign and degree rising in the eastern horizon at the time and place a person takes the first breath determines the Ascendant. Most often there is no way of ascertaining the exact time of birth thus rectifying the chart might be in order. However, there is never an absolute guarantee the rectified chart is correct. In most cases it takes an educated guess. When it comes to famous or prominent people sometimes astrologers take for granted the particular birth time being circulated; but as it often occurs, later on a new birth certificate surfaces or an astrologer provides a rectification. 

Since Biden first ran for president in 1988 and again in 2007 the birth time given was 3:45 am. Astro-Databank has now a recorded birth time of 8:30 am based on “memory.” In the possibility that mother and son could have divulged different birth times, the best way to find out for sure is to analyze and compare both of them. My favorite and successful methods for rectifying my clients’ charts are Cosmobiology, Solar Ark, and the 90 degree dial. The birth time defines the angles in the chart thus angles are most significant and should always be involved in major life’s events. However, in some cases where there’s a planet in the exact position of an angle it is possible to attribute the event to the planet and miss the angle altogether or vise verse.

The major events I checked in Biden’s personal life were the first marriage (1966), birth of 3 children (1969-70-71), U.S. Senator from Delaware (Nov/1972), tragic death of wife and daughter (12-18-72), second marriage (1977), brain aneurysm (1988), and U.S. Vice-President (Nov/2008). After painstaking scrutiny of Biden’s two charts, I concluded that either one could be right, except that all of the events “fit” more accurately in the Libra rising chart. Even though the Sagittarius rising chart for Biden seems to portray his religious background and fiery-foot in the mouth personality, I concluded this chart was obviously the result of someone’s astrological rectification at some point, most specifically for the death of his wife and daughter in a traffic accident, a month after he was elected to the Senate.

The significance of this life-changing event can help in the comparison between the two charts for VP Biden, as well as the two composite charts. The planets positions change according to the Ascendant in either case, but the aspects remain the same. 


This is a fire-mutable sign (idealistic, restless, and changeable). Other than being blunt, religious, and lawmaker, Sagittarius rising is adventurous, unfettered, with a full and active physical life, optimistic, scatters forces, and has freedom as a goal. Even though Biden has a reputation for caring about the working class and downtrodden (Virgo Mc, ruler Mercury in the 12th, and Neptune in the 10th), Neptune in the 10th does not exemplifies a prominent public figure and successful legal profession.

Apparently, someone thought of Saturn in the seventh as an indication of death of a spouse, which is not always the case. It was easy to make that assumption at a time when the progressed Moon was conjunct Uranus thus placing it on the seventh cusp, opposite progressed Mars in the first house, square natal Nodes, made sense. This configuration, together with transiting Saturn-Neptune opposition affecting first and seventh houses seemed to fit the event. 

If we take into consideration what the Solar Ark combination of Uranus-Ascendant implies, it does not fit Biden’s personality. This would indicate an unpredictable person who lacks stability, and the entire life is besieged by sudden and unexpected events. In contrast, Biden has lived and worked in the same place most of his life, and his wife’s accident was the one major sudden and unexpected event in his life. In addition, Uranus in the sixth would cause the person to have multiple different jobs throughout life. None of the above applies to Biden, and too many other factors are missing.


This is an Air-Cardinal sign (mental, social, charming, and aggressive). This sign truly represents Biden’s ability to litigate, social consciousness, concern, and experience in personal relationships. His ruler Venus conjunct the Sun, trine Jupiter in Cancer in the tenth house, shows his love for family, country, faith, and profession. His Mercury-Mars conjunction and Uranus in Gemini might prompt him to talk too much, but he is also a foreign diplomat (Gemini ninth house). For many years he was the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. 

Saturn in the ninth, ruling the fourth, depicts a lawmaker professional with a sense of responsibility for his roots and foundations. He expresses his values through his career (Pluto in the tenth, ruler of second house), and personally relates to anyone who shares his values (Mars ruler of seventh in the second). Jupiter in the tenth house (profession, reputation) shows his successful legal career and also being known for losing his wife tragically early in his career (Cancer in tenth, Moon in seventh). This is supported by void-of-course Moon at 28 Aries, quincunx (fate) void-of-course Venus at 28 Scorpio. Planets in void-of-course degrees have karma of letting go, especially if Venus is involved (loved ones). Venus is specially significant in this chart because it rules the Ascendant, and Libra rising is prone to karmic relationship lessons. 

The day of the tragic accident the progressed Moon was in the eighth (death), conjunct Uranus (unexpected), quincunx progressed Ascendant (fate, stress), opposite progressed Mars, ruler of the seventh (partner). This sudden loss and ending also market a new professional beginning as a Senator (progressed Sun trine natal Moon, ruler of tenth house). The same is emphasized by Progressed Mc conjunct natal Pluto in the tenth, quincunx progressed Mercury in the forth (home, family), which is opposite natal Midheaven (ambition, objective). Transiting Neptune opposition natal Saturn, ruler of the fourth house is a testimony to his loss of family. Transiting Mars conjunct natal Mercury in Scorpio, ruler of the twelve (sorrow) and ninth (beliefs) house, confirms the spiritual test he was submitted to. 

CAPRICORN ASCENDANT COMPOSITE: The Ascendant is obviously the most significant factor to ascertain in the Obama-Biden composite. The nation’s highest position is mainly dependent on the combined energies between these two individuals. The composite Ascendant reflects the personality of the relationship and how two people function as a unit. When a birth time is in doubt, it is a priority to ascertain which Ascendant describes best the type of relationship in question. Although the Obama-Biden partnership represents government they are not the conservative or corporate type. They are not businessmen; nor they are reserved and somber, and their view of the world is not limited (Capricorn). 

SAGITTARIUS ASCENDANT COMPOSITE: As lawyers, idealists, communicators, with so many futuristic aspirations and promises, freedom for all, open and inclusive to all ethnic, religions, races, and economic standards, this Ascendant better represents the Obama-Biden composite. An ethnic and/or religious identity is very suited to a Sagittarius Ascendant. Together they represent a combination of white and black Americans, with Irish and African, Christian and Moslem legacy. 

Pisces on the cusp of the fourth house shows both came from humble beginnings and wish to help and inspire the less fortunate and oppressed (Neptune in the eleventh). Their concern for the huge divide between the haves and have-nots, is also shown by all the progressed planets that moved into the twelfth house (Sun, Venus, Mars, and Mc). This is also an indication of being misunderstood, unrewarded, and submitted to unforeseen powers. 

Sagittarius Composite Ascendant vs. Capricorn Composite Ascendant: A comparison of the transiting planets from Mars to Pluto, including Mercury, as they activate the houses in both composites on Election Day 2012, provide additional ideas concerning the outcome.

Mars in the first house, conjunct Fortuna (beneficial activity), vs. Mars in the twelve house (suppressed activity); Jupiter in the seventh, (benefits from others), vs. Jupiter in the fifth (benefits from creativity); Saturn in the eleventh, (goals demand hard work), vs. Saturn in the tenth (test of power); Uranus in the fourth, (upsets threatening the foundation), vs. Uranus in the third (upsets threatening immediate environment); Neptune in the third, (mental insecurity), vs. Neptune in the second (financial insecurity); Pluto in the first, (power activated), vs. Pluto in the twelve (power diminished).

On Election Day, transiting Mercury will make a retrograde station on the composite progressed Sun at 5 Sagittarius. As transiting Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio 28-29 in November 14-16, where it is in late October, it will reactivate composite progressed Venus-Mars. This heralds delays, and re-evaluations focused on their basic identity and purpose as a team (composite Sun). The issues that come up before and during the election will have to be dealt with again afterward. In the Sagittarius composite Ascendant chart Mercury retrogrades in the twelfth house indicating some type of victimization or witch-hunt behind the scenes; vs. the eleventh house (friends, organizations, hope, and wishes) in the Capricorn composite Ascendant chart. 

CONCLUSION: The composite between Vice-President Biden and President Obama will ultimately determine Biden’s birth time. In the July/2012 issue of this publication I presented the case for the composite Sagittarius Ascendant with progressions and transits related to the 2008 and 2012 elections. Transiting Saturn is the major influence in any situation, especially when related to a position of authority. In the Sagittarius composite Ascendant transiting Saturn clearly implies the end of this partnership in 2016 when it conjuncts the Ascendant. Saturn’s transit in the composite twelfth house for the next 4 years marks the consolidation of a productive cycle that began in 2008 with the exact conjunction to the composite Mc (destiny, objectives) at 18 Virgo. 

On the other hand, in the Capricorn composite Ascendant chart transiting Pluto conjunct the Ascendant at 10 Capricorn (2013-14) could terminate the partnership ahead of time. The same is indicated in either case by the T-square to composite Mars from transiting Uranus and Pluto until the end of their second term in office. The first term was threatened  by the dynamic Pluto-Uranus transiting square triggering a T-square to the composite Sun (heart and purpose of the relationship). This partnership has endured insurmountable obstacles and difficulties since the beginning and it looks like the problems will continue. 

If Obama is the reincarnation of President Lincoln, as I suspect and evidence seems to indicate, he must be subconsciously apprehensive about a repeat of his fateful past. Lincoln was assassinated after he won the second term. The present circumstances are quite similar, i.e., inherited an unpopular war, dire economic conditions, hardship by his opponents, racial tension and division is almost at the same level it was during the Civil War. 

There is controversy in the astrological profession as in any other. Different people see things differently, and there’s never enough time or space to cover all the multiple of details available. One thing is for certain, chart synthesis and predictions don’t apply helter-skelter to any planet, sign, or house. It is all based on the incontrovertible logic of the stars and planetary cycles. However, there are different paths that can lead to the same outcome and they provide a fair amount of accuracy. Ultimately, the outcome to any situation is also dependent on the level of collective awareness, free-will, and karma.

Please Note: Information extends to the future.
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