Author : Theresa McDevitt
Jun 28, 2018


By Theresa H. McDevitt (A version of this article was first written and published in 1991 by this author in The Mountain Astrologer magazine). 

Since the beginning of civilization, the circumference or the Zodiac Dome has been known to entail 360 degrees. This accounts for the 12 Zodiac signs of 30 degrees each (30 x 12 = 360). Decanates refer to the 10 degrees sub-divisions within each of the 30 degrees. Each 10 degrees segment is influenced by the planet ruling each sign of same element. The planet ruling the first 10 degrees of the sign has the strongest influence and also co-rules the other two.


From 1 to 10 degrees of first Fire sign Aries has a double influence of its ruler (Mars/Mars).

From 10 to 20 degrees of Aries are co-ruled by the Sun, ruler of second Fire sign Leo (Mars/Sun).    

From 20 to 30 degrees of Aries are co-ruled by Jupiter, ruler of third Fire sign Sagittarius (Mars/Jupiter).

The same principle of 10 degrees decanates can be applied to World Ages, as it is proven below relating to the ongoing Pisces Age. Decanates always begin on the first degree of the sign. When applying this principle to the Ages is in contrast to the backward motion related to the Precision of the Equinoxes that divides the seasons, as well as World Ages. The Vernal Equinox (beginning of Spring), the point where the sun crosses the equator happens a little earlier every year. This backward motion takes 72 years to move through one degree taking 2,160 years to go through one Zodiac sign (72 x 30 degrees = One World Age). Hence, it takes the Vernal Equinox 25,920 years (2,160 x 12) to go through the 12 signs (12 Ages).

When using the principle of decanates, one World Age of 2,160 years are divided by 3 (2,160 ÷ 3 = 720). The following is a recollection of the 3 decanates of 720 years each related to the on-going Pisces Age that began Circa 100 years before the common era: (For more on this subject refer to article “Transition to the Aquarius Age”).

FIRST DECANATE: During the first 720 years of the Pisces Age its ruler Neptune/Neptune (water element) was the main influence. (keywords for signs and pertinent planets are underlined).

The first decanate of the Age is best known by the birth of its avatar the Christ, in the Spring, under the sign of the fish. It was the fulfillment of the prophesies that a “savior” would be born to a virgin (opposite sign Virgo) under meager and humble circumstances and under persecution. It continued with Christ’s teachings of unconditional love, humility, sacrifice, devotion, compassion, and spiritual awareness. It was all about prophets, persecution, sorrow, bondage, victimization, blind beliefs, deceit, mystery, fantasy, illusion, delusion, imagination, dissolution, and lots of confusion. His death marked the beginning of Organized Christianity and Scriptures were written. Before the end of the first decanate the Bible was revised a few times according to the views of various church fathers and emperors.

SECOND DECANATE: The main influence during the next 720 years was Neptune/Moon, ruler of the second water sign Cancer.

Monarchies declared themselves infallible and favored by God. Church and State were one of the same. European navies were in their prime conquering the seas and establishing new Christian colonies around the world. It was a time of wanderers or nomadic people looking for new homelands in which to establish new roots and foundations, even if it meant taking over other people’s properties. Cancer being the most nationalistic sign, home, family, tradition and tribal identity became more important than ever.

THIRD DECANATE:  The last decanate of Pisces has been under the powerful influence of Neptune/Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, the third water sign.

During this decanate the atom, plutonium and the planet Pluto were discovered. The energies of sex, money, power, control, crime, genocide, transformation and regeneration continue to be prominent. It has been a time of major wars, death and destruction, religious persecution, the Holocaust, Communism, atomic bombs, plagues, rise and fall of dictators and monarchies, the sexual revolution, police work, organized crime and labor unions, cults, kidnapping, private investigators, birth of psychology and psychotherapy, subversive and covert activities, hypnotherapy, mind control, rebirthing, past-life regressions, channeling, medical research, Aids epidemic, war on drugs and drug lords, new interest in the occult and witchcraft. Most prominent has been the mass corruption by the power hungry of the underworld, governments, corporations and churches. The sex scandals of pedophilia involving Catholic priests, devastating Islamic Holly Wars and Middle East conflicts.


As the end of the Pisces Age intensifies, so will the Chemical weapons, oil spills, toxic and nuclear waste, pollution of the air and oceans, and the final resolution between the two main religions; Judeo-Christianity and Islam responsible for one of the worst destructive legacies of the Age. Now that the religious Pisces Age is ending, fundamentalist Christians who were always abhorrent to Judaism, have suddenly developed a team-ship believing and hoping for “Armageddon” with Jesus’ return to the Holly Land of Israel, whom they expect to destroy the world saving only those who belief in him (a misinterpretation of “Revelations” in the Bible).      

Under the influence of the last decanate of the Pisces Age, the powerful combination of Neptune and Pluto imply transformation through crisis.  One of the most positive effects of the Age is the new recycle industry. The past needs to be dissolved and destroyed (Neptune) at a philosophical level, then it can be regenerated and transformed (Pluto).

Ironically and typically of a conclusive sign at the end of an Age, the most successful Democracy in the world, the USA is being hijacked by fundamentalist Christians. Lucky for them, in a desperate attempt to hold on to power and turn back time, they found the perfect example of a by-gone era egocentric millionaire dictator, willing to do anything for power and wealth to lead the way. Eventually and after a lot of damage, it will prove to be an exercise in futility. While the Pisces Age was about faithful obedience to the most powerful, the Aquarius Age will be about the power of the people.


Knowing the influence of the zodiac signs, planets and decanates helps to anticipate the main circumstances the world will be experiencing as the new Aquarius Age approaches with its ruler Uranus.  Emotional attachments and addictions (Neptune) will turn into humanitarian and intellectual pursuits (Uranus).     

The strongest effects of major instability have already begun during this current transitional period. Intensification is expected to hit a crisis point after Circa 2024. The turmoil will continue throughout the first decanate of the first 720 years after Circa 2060 with the double influence of Aquarius ruler Uranus (erratic changes toward progress and independence). The drastic change from dependency and bondage to independence and freedom will cause more division and chaos to continue, as the greatest changes and reforms the world has ever known will begin to take place.

While the past is being consolidated, the future is on the horizon. People are fleeing from all forms of oppression and bondage (Pisces). The era of racial, ethnic, class, and religious divisions or using religion to control the masses is ending. The future is diversity, equality, individualism, freedom of the mind, humanism, advanced technology and science.

(For more extensive historical and astrological information refer to books by this author). 

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