Author : Theresa H. McDevitt
Feb 26, 2022

VLADIMIR PUTIN and DONALD TRUMP, the two modern MEGOMANIAC, POWER-HUNGRY DICTATORS, who decided to overthrow two democratic governments – USA and UKRAINE, both during a delusional transit of Neptune to their individual Suns:

Neptune is Square to Putin’s progressed Sun and Square to Trump’s natal Sun. Both used the same underhanded method of scheming, prejudice and outrageous lying, both aiming to destroy Democracy and NATO to assume ultimate power over the world, and both are using religion to destroy the opposition or “infidels”.   

While Trump’s coup failed, even after a violent insurrection against the U.S. government he has not given up trying to overthrow the new American Democratic Administration. There are videos implying the two delusional dictators had probably planned the evil deeds together. Thus, no longer having Trump’s help, Putin decided to go ahead and declare an unprovoked and violent war on Ukraine for Russia’s expansion of power over the region.

Mr. Putin became Russia’s President in 1999 as soon as his progressed Sun and Ascendant entered Sagittarius with a conjunction at 0.55. This marked the beginning of his ultimate ambition, dreams and desire for world power. He fancies himself as some kind of Czar with dreams of turning Russia back to the old Christian Orthodox Imperial Monarchy. No surprise his primary target are the Jewish members of Ukraine’s government.

On February 23, 2022, after 23 years in office, the Russian authoritarian leader (Sun-Saturn conjunction in Libra), who is also an ideologue prone to deception (Mercury-Neptune conjunction), sought out the opportunity to throw his power around and make his ultimate dreams come true. This was triggered by transiting Neptune at 23 Pisces, Square to his progressed Sun at 23 Sagittarius at the same time that is making a Trine (easy, luck) to his ruler Pluto in the 10th (career objectives for power) and a Sextile (opportunity) to Mercury-Neptune at 23 Libra.   (Putin’s natal chart with progressions and transits for 2-23-22 included)

In addition to the above, what made it all possible for Putin is the temporary transit of Uranus making exact conjunction to his Jupiter, opposite his Venus. The positive conbination between Uranus-Jupiter always depicts luck and success in all endeavors. Anyone born with a Trine between them, as Trump was, is able to even “get away with murder” many times throughout life. Some people with this type of luck, start believing God is on their side and become overconfident, only to end up self-destroyed. Luck when misused and abused eventually turns against the perpetrator.

IN CONCLUSION:  These two malignant dictators got carried away by Neptune’s magical dust of deception and chose to use their luck and opportunities to satisfy their narcissistic egos and convoluted beliefs. The unsuspected Media simply refer to them as acting irrational, unhinged, and mentally unstable, which is all true. In the old days, ignorance of cosmic energies caused people to be committed to insane asylums or claimed being possessed by demons. What they don’t know is that humans respond to cosmic energies according to their own soul’s state of evolution in addition to the collective level of awareness at the time.

Unfortunately, PEACE ON EARTH is impossible as long as so many humans are still trapped on the primitive belief of blaming everything, good or bad on God or the Devil thus ignoring personal responsibility. This is the reason tyrants continue to use organized religion or ethnic divisions to accomplish their evil deeds.