Author : Theresa H. McDevitt
Feb 01, 2016

The century’s three major economic crises in USA: 

1- Market crash October 29, 1929 (Black Tuesday) - Start of the Great Depression: the worst financial tragedy in America’s history. All banks closed after losing clients’ savings in the market, and massive withdrawals causing enormous bankruptcies and unemployment. Recovery did not start until after WWII as President F.D. Roosevelt began establishing programs that became known as the “New Deal”. It was the start of government involvement in the economy and in society as a whole.

2- Market crash October 14, 1987 (Black Monday). Savings and Loans Crisis: the greatest banking collapse since the Great Depression. Half of the fallen S&Ls were from Texas where they had tripled in size and grew 100% a year. In 1989, President G. Bush senior signed into law a taxpayer-financed bailout of $50 billion to close down the insolvent S&Ls. By 1999 the cost to taxpayers was in the order of $150 billion.

3- Market crash October 6, 2008 (Black Monday) - Start of the Great Recession. The market began its decline in December 2007, by September 2008 it took a sharp downward turn, and by October 3 President G. W. Bush signed a bank bailout of $700 billion, the largest in U. S. history. This could not stop the crash on October 6 or the drops that continued thereafter bringing America’s financial system to the brink of total collapse. Large corporations and wealthy businessmen were hardly affected and were the first to recover. Many Fortune 500 corporations reported record profits and many billionaires broke new records, both in terms of numbers and their total wealth (US $4.5 trillion), while over 50 million working class Americans ended up living in poverty. 

What do all of the above have in common? 

A: They began in Wall Street and went on to affect the entire world economy. They occurred after a building boom leading to over-investment, excess speculations, easy credit, bad loans, lack of regulations, corrupt or incompetent politicians, breakdown of international trade, land flips and other criminal activities (as in 1987), tax cuts for the wealthy (especially during wartime as in 2008), huge government deficits, etc. Elite developers and investors made their fortunes before the economic bubble burst resulting in widespread unemployment and poverty among the working people. 

B: They happened during Republican administrations. Presidents that followed always took the blame and ended up one-term presidents, mainly because they carried over the same failed policies of their predecessors. Calvin Coolidge presided over the years that led to the Great Depression. President Hoover inherited it, took the blame, and lost the second term. The Reagan-Bush administration was responsible for wars in South American countries, the Caribbean, and the 1987 recession, after which President Bush senior lost the second term. The Bush-Cheney administration caused the 2008 Great Recession inherited by President Obama, who took the blame while continuing most of the failed policies of his predecessor, i.e., Faith-based Initiatives, No Child Left Behind, tax cuts for the wealthy, Guantanamo, and two Wars. In addition, he refused to prosecute the Bush-Cheney administration for war crimes. But based on his diligence in the recovery from the disastrous situation he inherited, President Obama did not join the ranks of the one-term presidents.

Since all of the major market crashes happened under Republican administrations we should find the answers in the chart of the GOP political party. We know the party was originally founded by the northern newly capitalists’ industrialists and bankers of the Industrial Revolution, whose priority was, and still is, cheap labor toward financial supremacy at any cost. They are still the party of Big Business that also controls the Military Industrial Complex thus corporations now control the entire USA government.

In my previous article (January 2012 issue) I presented the connections between the Tea Party (February 19, 2009) and the Republican Party (March 20, 1854, Ripon, WI). This time I will elaborate on house placements using 7 pm for the GOP, the time most likely for a meeting held at a school house. This puts the Sun in Aries, a clear depiction of an aggressive initiative for a new party under the platform against the expansion of slavery that led to the Civil War. 

Sun in the world point of 00 Aries (world influence, desire to be first, militant), conjunct retrograde Mercury in the 6th house of the “Military Industrial Complex,” both quincunx retrograde Mars (frustration, rash actions) at 00 Virgo (frugal, firm conviction). The Sun rules the 11th house showing support from organizations, friends, Congress, and Mercury shows support from the law, ruling the 9th house (law), as well as the 12th of secrets and self-undoing. Mars opposition Venus in Pisces, ruler of the Ascendant and the 8th house of joint resources, form a Grand-square with the Nodes and Saturn (united for the purpose of achieving self-interests). This is supported by Mars trine Pluto, ruler of the 2nd of finances (proactive action lays groundwork toward financial gain and power).

Sun sextile Saturn in Taurus, ruler of conservative Capricorn in the 4th (foundation), trine Jupiter, indicates nationalistic power and wealth, high ambition and business success. Neptune in Pisces, ruler of the 6th house, positioned in the 5th (the 12th of the 6th), square the Moon ruler of the 10th (objectives), in addition to undermining women’s issues, self-defeating tendencies, and misguided idealism, it also explains contempt for unions, and disregard for the needy and workers health care. The underlying motivation being to protect the wealth and power of the privileged few, and benefit from keeping America’s image of greatness as the wealthiest and sole superpower in the world. This includes the need for illusive enemies toward military conflicts and wars (necessary or not), in which the combination of faith and deception plays an important part.

The chart of the republican party can be found in the section ASTRO-CHARTS.  The charts of the three major economic crises will be available as soon as this website is redesigned. The following delineations show the indisputable connections between the three crashes and the GOP triggering the natal tendencies described above.

  • Moon-Neptune square is beseeched from every angle by each market crash: three times by Saturn, twice by Uranus, plus Jupiter. Trines to Neptune from Pluto, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Moon denote easy deception. 
  • Natal Grand-cross between Nodes, Saturn, Venus, Mars, is activated by the three market crashes, twice by Mars, plus Neptune, Nodes, and Moon. 
  • Natal Sun-Mercury conjunction in the 6th house is critically activated by the three market crashes with Yods, conjunctions, squares, and oppositions, twice from Mars and Neptune, plus Uranus, Venus, Sun, Moon, and Nodes. 
  • Natal financial houses 2nd and 8th, ruled by the financial signs Scorpio-Taurus, are activated with oppositions to natal Pluto, ruler of the 2nd house, from planets in Scorpio in each of the market crashes (power of wealth and influence). 
  • Natal Jupiter, the planet that promotes publicity, growth, and expansion, in the domestic 4th house, ruling the 3rd of communication and depositor of the natal Moon, is under oppositions, squares, and trines by Jupiter, Pluto, Sun, and Mercury of the three market crashes. This also explains how the corporate owned media inclusive of TV Evangelists have expanded and operate as the communications arms of the Republican Party (Sagittarius 3rd house). 


Although a lot more can be added to all of the above connotations, it is enough to confirm that market crashes were created by the party of Big Business and corporate moguls, which now include the new Evangelical corporate empires, who are moving the party further to the right and the Dark Ages or back to the Rubber Barons time before the Great Depression. Even though Religious corporations and Big Business do not pay taxes they are already dictating policies in Washington, DC. They all share the same agenda for total control, privatization, and no government regulations.

With every economic crisis created, the wealth at the top multiplies and the power of corporate monopoly expands while most upcoming small companies and the middle class are pushed backward (as to separate the chaff from wheat (Mars in Virgo). The exceptions are some newly independent Internet millionaires. Ironically, the tactics that worked since the Republican Party was established are the same that can destroy the country’s future. The schism created between the haves and have-nots grows deeper after every economic crisis, and the same goes for inadequate education and faulty infrastructure. Only through astrology can we unravel the mysteries that otherwise get lost in the labyrinth of political and religious propaganda. 

Nebulous problems, confusion, and delusion within the party became obvious with the transit of Neptune square natal Saturn (2009-12). More smoking mirrors and tricky times should be expected as Neptune continues triggering the GOP Grand-cross (2012-13).

Please Note: Information extends to the future.
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