Author : Theresa H. McDevitt
May 11, 2021

Everyone and everything born on planet Earth has a birth map with the qualities of that moment in time and place. Using the SCIENCE OF THE STARS (astrology), the prolific ancient scientists discovered this fact from the beginning of civilization. These first scientists were able to map out time and space to the precise calculations still in use today.

In 190-120 BC, Hipparchus, the first scientist to make systematic use of trigonometry, calculated the times of eclipses, the length of the year, and the precession of the Equinoxes. Through observation of planetary cycles and the mathematics involved, they figured out Earth’s seasons, calendars, eclipses, length of the year and named the 12 months of the year after the 12 signs of the zodiac. They also named the 7 days of the week after the 7 visible planets including the sun and moon, in all Latin languages still in use today.

Modern astronomers, in their tireless effort to separate from astrology, continue to see the planets as devoid of meaning and purpose. The philosophy of denial began with the advent of the Pisces Age of uncertainty and bondage over 2,000 years ago. The ancient astrological scientists studied the heavens and concluded the universe was divinely created by God. In contrast, religion was created by the Romans from the writings they seized from the Hebreu Prophets and used religion for power and control of the multitudes. But the Age of emotional submission due to blind devotion to religious beliefs in God’s name, based on fear and division, is now on its final stage of the exuberant fight for survival.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion, delusion and dissolution, which also influences our spiritual life as inspiration and illumination liken to the ancient astrological scientists. Neptune has a cycle of 164-68 years. When Neptune is in its own sign as it is now (2011-2025), the main energies of Pisces are exulted. However, in an unevolved and materialistic society the negative manifestations of the sign are emphasized (depression, loss, sadness, confusion, chaos, sickness, disappointment, deceit, defeat).

  1. Neptune was in Pisces (1520-34) during the ravaging plague of Variola in Europe and the Protestant Reformation of religious persecution.                                                        
  2. Neptune was in Pisces (1684-97) during the pious fervor of Salem Witch Hunt when Puritanism was spreading throughout America.                                                                          
  3. The last time it was in Pisces (1847-61) a religious revival swept America, seances, spiritualism, Cassadaga, Pope Pius IX authorized Immaculate Conception, Mormons founded the “Kingdom of God”, American Bible Society and Republican Party were formed, 7th Day Adventist Church founded after the failed prophesies from a Baptist preacher, who gave the date of 10-22-1844 for the Second Coming of Christ that led to the “Great Disappointment.”  Among other things: The Civil War, Abolitionists, Lincoln’s “a house divided against itself cannot stand’, President Lincoln assassinated.

Since Neptune returned to Pisces in 2011 the world has been under the fog of deception, especially in America; the most Christian country left in the world. Evangelists are again consumed in another intense millennial expectation fever of “The End Times.” Once more, they are convinced Jesus will appear in the clouds to save them while he destroys the rest of the world, so you either join them or perish. Now that the American Evangelist organizations have become millionaires, they are very close to accomplishing their long-time dream of breaking down the wall separating Church/State. They finally found the great deceiver sociopath leader willing to do whatever it takes for power and money and together they took over the Republican Party.

It didn’t take long for these two entities to realize they could use each other to accomplish their selfish aims. By this time, the GOP was no longer since it was taken over by the Evangelist Tea Party during the 2010 midterm elections against President Obama. Religious organizations invested heavily to get them in Congress and still do. When MAGA took over, the Tea Party together with the KKK White Supremists Organization morphed into the QANON. They must remain anonymous as long as religion in government remains unconstitutional (

The birth map of USA (chart included) has Neptune in Virgo in the 9th house of Sagittarius (beliefs, high aspirations, philosophy, ideals, foreign affairs, publicity). It explains the reason America’s organized (Virgo) religion sends missionaries around the world in search of converts, as well as the ability to expand propaganda through the Media. Neptune also projects an idyllic reflection outward that makes it difficult to discern truth from deception. (The Republican Party has been experiencing the Neptune return and will remain under the illusive veil until 2025. Results will be revealed afterwards).

America’s rising sign (personality) of Sagittarius depicts a nation of idealistic immigrants with high expectations. The ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter (growth, improvement, justice, opportunity) and it is conjunct the Sun (identity) in the national sign Cancer. Hence, the country is known by “the land of opportunity and the home of the free with justice and benevolence.”

In addition, the USA birth chart has Pisces in the 3rd house (thinking process and communication). Every time Neptune goes into Pisces it triggers the natal Neptune in Virgo by opposition, exposing the fundamentalist objectives of religion to turn Democracy into an old-time Autocratic Theocracy.

When the hard-nosed, no-compromise ideological MAGA lost the 2020 elections they refused to accept the loss, plotted and executed the most destructive and violent insurrection against the U.S. Government in history. They continue to insist on the   “BIG LIE” that they won, thus bigotry, division and delusion persist. 

The foggy cloud of illusive Neptune is now surrounding and enfolding America’s lowest mentality of blind-followers. The big-business of religion is in charge thus many people have lost their grip on reality. Deceit is rampant, people don’t know what to believe anymore. Accusers of “fake news” are the ones spreading them. The virus pandemic is also a Neptunian effect that exposes the humanistic decay, the lack of empathy and humility and the causes of darkness.   

The only way to come out of the dark tunnel of bigotry, division, false promises and unrealistic visions, is by reaching out for enlightenment (coming out of the dark). The LIGHT at the end of the tunnel is about TRUTH through education, free thinking, love, compassion, science, diversity and the brotherhood of man regardless of race, nationality, social status or belief system; the higher side of Neptune and Jupiter.

If Evangelists truly believed in a divine creator, they would not think that God wants to destroy his creation to satisfy his Ego. Is it any wonder they trust a self-serving, pathological liar like Trump, the perfect prototype of the ANTICHRIST?

The Neptune cycle is supposed to awaken the subconscious reasoning process of humanity to understand the mysteries that affect us. The purpose is to promote soul growth by correcting past mistakes and becoming more humane. The ancient “wisemen” (astrologers/scientists) recognized the unity that exists between the cosmos and life on earth thus what affects one, affects all. They referred to “the truth that makes us free” according to the “great news” revealed by Jesus of “eternal life” (reincarnation or soul evolution); the truth that gives us the freedom to choose the condition of next lifetime, because Heaven and Hell are here on Earth.

Evangelists may continue misinterpreting scriptures, using them as weapons of mass destruction to remain in control, at least until humanity wakes up to reality. The reality that religion has been the main cause of the most devastating wars and crimes against humanity, as they continue to infuse animosity between countries and people.

Meanwhile, planetary cycles will also continue revolving on schedule in order to help humanity understand God’s creation once and for all and evolve. The current cycle of Neptune in Pisces (2011-2025) is meant to accelerate the process. Sometimes it takes darkness and sorrow to grow spiritually.    

There are many other planetary cycles at work in the world at all times, all working in synchronicity, but its up to humanity’s level of awareness to use the energy wisely. Examples:                                                                                                                         

  1. THE URANUS CYCLE ON USA (article from 1-1-10) explains a lot of America’s history and what to expect when Uranus starts a new cycle in Gemini in 2025, the same year Neptune begins new one in Aries, and Pluto begins new one in Aquarius. (More information in article USA NEWS from 9-1-09). 
  2. EFFECTS OF SATURN-PLUTO CYCLE (article from 5-1-10). These two powerful planets began a new cycle in Capricorn in 2020 with a significant impact on USA. It also coincided with the Jupiter-Pluto cycle and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle believed to be responsible for the infamous “Presidential Curse” that brings damage to the country and/or death of a president elected every 20 years.

Obviously, 2020 was a crucial year for the world and the USA with long-lasting ramifications. For a complete account of planetary cycles and better comprehension of the effects upon the world past, present, and future, refer to my book: THE COSMIC HOURGLASS OF LIFE.