Author : Theresa H. McDevitt
Jul 01, 2012

(Published in AFA "Today's Astrologer")
(Published July 2012)


By Theresa H. McDevitT

Once again the accuracy of the mid-point method proves itself in this significant composite. The composite chart reveals what the individual natal charts never do. The following interpretation of the natal composite with progressions and transits for the 2008 and 2012 elections indicates that these two men were destined to fulfill a karmic duty to the country at a very crucial time. 

The mid-point between the two individual Ascendants of 18 Aquarius 03 (Obama) and 7 Libra 19 (Biden), results in a composite Ascendant of 12 Sagittarius 41, a few minutes difference from the Ascendant of the Declaration of Independence at 12 Sagittarius 21. Not only does this composite prove the rightful birth data for President Obama, it also proves the accuracy of Sibly’s chart for 7-4-1776, 5:10 pm, Philadelphia, PA. 

The accuracy of the Declaration of Independence chart was also confirmed by transiting Pluto at 12 Sagittarius on 9-11-2001, which forever changed the destiny of USA. 

This turning-point was reflected in the Pluto-Saturn opposition at 12 Sagittarius-Gemini in August 2001, one month before the tragic event.

Significant evidence that Sagittarius Ascendant chart truly represents the Declaration of Independence is clearly indicated by the words of its author, Thomas Jefferson: Truth, unalienable Rights by our Creator to the pursuit of Life, Liberty, Happiness, Government by the People, Naturalization of foreigners, world Trade, Trial by Jury, Independence and Freedom for all Citizens in the name of the Supreme Judge of the World, etc. Sagittarius also depicts the culture of the Native Americans. In addition, the Uranus cycle correlates precisely to this chart, highlighting major wars and historical U.S. turning-points as shown in my articles at (, and Today’s Astrologer, January 2010. However, I believe in the possibility that other available U.S. charts apply to different factors that marked the birth of the new nation: Virgo rising could represent farmers, labor, industry; Scorpio rising could represent Congress, etc. 


The main areas of experience are indicated by the majority of the planets positioned in the natal 10th house (prominent profession) and 9th house (dealing with the power of the law). Composite Sun-Saturn opposition depicts constant problems inhibiting creditable professional achievements as a team, threatening its mere survival. Composite S/Node in the same degree and sign as the U.S. Moon suggests an emotional-soul connection from the past. Composite Uranus in Cancer conjunct U.S. Sun testifies that as a unit, they bring revolutionary changes to the basic traditional identity of USA. (For extra delineations of natal composite refer to Today’s Astrologer, October 2008). 

2008 Election: Election Day has the most obvious indications for assuming the U. S. presidency. Following are the aspects that were active:

1- Transiting Jupiter, composite chart ruler, in a Grand-trine to natal Venus and Moon (public favor and support for advancement).

2- Progressed Sun-Moon conjunction, trine natal Saturn (new professional beginning).

3- Progressed Mercury, ruler of the 10th, conjuncts composite Ascendant (getting together to fulfill new professional purpose and ambition).

4- Progressed MC sextile natal Venus, opposition natal Moon, trine natal Uranus (opportunity to launch revolutionary changes towards a new destiny).

5- Transiting Mars conjunct progressed Venus-Mars conjunction, T-square natal Pluto and Nodes (taking proactive action to fulfill the challenge of a powerful destiny).

6- Transiting Saturn-Uranus opposition exactly activating the Midheaven-Nadir axis (major turning-point that entails professional and structural changes to assume very important duties and responsibilities with future consequences).


After the inauguration in January 2009, they began to endure insurmountable challenges that threatened to the core of their livelihood. For the first two years, transiting Saturn went on to conjunct all the composite planets in the 10th house (profession, image, life direction), inclusive of its ruler Mercury in Virgo (health-job issues) and the Sun (identity, purpose). Composite Sun trine Chiron supports the healthcare purpose. Hence, they proceeded to push for healthcare reform, the signature of their presidential administration. They were challenged by the transiting Saturn-Pluto square activating the hardship of the natal Sun-Saturn opposition. They were fighting for their professional survival, purpose for existing, as well as the survival of the country’s financial system in order to prevent a financial collapse of catastrophic magnitude. 

By 2011, after managing to bring some stability to the financial system, they continued to encounter more controversy and restriction from their critics, while transiting Saturn began its conjunction to natal Mars-Neptune, square Uranus. It wasn’t until transiting Uranus went into Aries activating the natal Sun-Saturn opposition that they turned their attention back to healthcare reform. The controversy intensified during the summer as soon as the Uranus-Pluto square formed a dynamic T-square to natal composite Sun-Saturn opposition. 

The constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act was affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court on June 28, 2012, with a 5-4 vote. The composite shows the determination of Obama and Biden to hold on to their objectives against all odds and bring them to completion. This is indicated by progressed Venus-Mars conjunction at 28 Scorpio, trine progressed Saturn, and T-square the Nodes. The breakthrough was promoted by transiting Jupiter in Gemini trine natal Sun, opposition progressed Sun, while transiting N/Node conjoined it. In addition, transiting Saturn turned direct at 22 Libra, sextile natal Pluto, opposite progressed benevolent Jupiter, which had moved to an exact trine to natal Pluto in the 9th house of the law. 


The following aspects will be active at the time of the 2012 election:

1- All the progressed outer planets remain at the same degrees as they were in 2008, an indications that the natal objectives are still in the process of completion. This is emphasized by progressed Saturn remaining in the same degree (29 Pisces), with a trine forming from progressed Venus-Mars (professional and spiritual ambitions have a chance for completion). 

2- Transiting Mars at 22 Sagittarius will form a winning Grand-trine with natal Pluto and progressed Jupiter.

3- Transiting Jupiter will trine the natal U.S. Saturn (favoring the Democratic Party).

4-Transiting Jupiter from the 7th house will cast its benevolent energy upon progressed Mercury, conjunct composite Ascendant. Since this composite became activated when they teamed up professionally, Mercury has progressed from the 10th to the 1st house. Natal composite Mercury in Virgo (the working people, healthcare), ruler of the Virgo MC (ultimate objectives), progressed to Sagittarius first house, confirms that as a unit, they are now identified with healthcare reform. It also emphasizes their ties to the principles of the Declaration of Independence, especially with the part that “All Men are Created Equal” because they share the same Ascendant.

5- Natal composite Mercury will receive a positive trine from progressed Moon in Capricorn, the sign of government and big-business. 

6- Progressed composite Sun (current purpose and identity) will be sextile its natal position while transiting Mercury conjoins it.

7- Transiting Uranus trine progressed composite Sun (progressive changes). At the same time, Uranus will square (conflict, obstacle) the U.S. Venus-Jupiter, which represents indulgence and the wealthy elite of the nation.

8- The transiting trine from Saturn to Neptune-Chiron will herald a positive outcome of hope and healing for the working people and the less-fortunate.

9- The transiting Nodes will form a Grand-square with the natal composite Nodes as confirmation to the continuation of the transition from past to future. 


Even though the composite picture looks favorable for Elections 2012, as it did for Elections 2008, another uphill battle afterward can be expected. It will be a trying time as transiting Saturn advances and conjoins all the progressed composite planets in Scorpio and Sagittarius in the next 4 years. Considering that corporate power and the very wealthy have taken control of Congress against the welfare of the working people, the controversy will continue. Transiting Saturn could mark the end of their term as it will be conjunct progressed Sun-Mercury, and natal Ascendant in 2015-16. Meanwhile, Pluto in Capricorn will continue to expose and eliminate corruption in Government, Big-business, and conventional structures, inclusive of religious institutions, until 2024. 

Clearly, the astrological indications in this article, speak to the accuracy of the mid-point composite method. It also speaks to the possible fated destiny between these two prominent men and the USA. The President and Vice-president are supposed to work as a team together with Congress, for the purpose of leading the country toward a better future for all the people as required by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This particular team took office after greed and abuse of power had forced the nation to stray away from its original intentions. 

They have heighten awareness about class and racial divisions afflicting the country, honored their composite objectives, and made great strides on healthcare reform, which will benefit everyone, inclusive of the financial system. Previous administrations since FDR fought and failed for the right to provide healthcare to every American. The battle is not over yet, eventually it will inevitably lead to Universal Healthcare as in other industrialized nations. The time will come when the future will be decided by the majority of the people, not by the selected few at the top. 

Obviously, the destiny of the nation is not depended solely on the candidate for the presidency; it is mostly depended on the combined energies between him/her and the person chosen to share the office. Astrology teaches, there are no coincidences under the heavens, and there is always a reason and a purpose behind all happenings. All we have to do is remain informed and alert. The composite chart is a great help.

Author’s note: My book, “Why History Repeats” contains additional information supporting the accuracy of the Sagittarius Ascendant chart for the Declaration of Independence and its correlation to Native Americans, as well as the September 11, 2001 event and chart. This composite chart used for this article is based on the following data: Barak Obama, August 4, 1961, 7:24 pm, Honolulu, Hawaii; Joseph Biden, November 20, 1942, 3:45 am, Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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