Author : Theresa McDevitt
Jan 20, 2017

The birth maps of Donald Trump (6-14-1946) and Mike Pence (6-07-1959) attest to the fact that although they come from entirely different backgrounds, lifestyles, and generations (Trump from the Pluto in Leo, Pence from the Pluto in Virgo), inherently, they have more in common that meets the eye. Both are Sun sign Gemini (dual identity and purpose, vicarious communicators). Both have a lot of Leo inclusive of the planet Mars (actions based on pride and egocentric interests for leadership). Astrological connections are the reasons that pull people together.

While Trump spent his life amassing wealth and seeking the spotlight for self-aggrandizement, Pence was seeking the spotlight as a radio talk-host and politician, both for the purpose of obtaining power over others for ego gratification. How could a fundamentalist and hero to the Religious Right team-up with a thrice-married adulterer and womanizer, who bragged about getting away with sexually assaulting women? Moral values did not matter if they could have the opportunity to take control of the U.S. government.  And the egomaniac Trump, who boasted about being always a winner, would have never become president without the Evangelists. The two power-hungry chameleons found in each other what they needed to attain their objectives.


The composite chart is based on the mathematical results between two individual birth maps. If both or one person’s birth time is unknown as in the case of Mike Pence, both birth maps have to be charted as Solar charts (Sun in the 1st) based entirely on their individual birthdays from which, the composite chart derives. In this case, interpretation of planets, signs, and aspects take precedence over the houses (worldly areas of experience).

The astrological symbolism for the Sun and Moon relate to the masculine and feminine functions. These two energies are also the main indicators of the basic thrust in a composite relationship. The Trump-Pence composite has a conflicting T-square (major challenge) between Sun in Gemini, Moon in Virgo, and Chiron in Sagittarius. This is an indication of fundamental tensions within, considerable differences of opinions, critical and self-righteous behavior, which trigger potentially disastrous outbreaks when pressures become too great. This configuration is also an indication of incompatibility and critical disfavor to and from women.

The Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Libra depicts confusion between reality and delusion, lack of empathy and judgment in business matters, and a possibility of undermining each other. The square from Uranus in Cancer can trigger sudden emotional and irrational upheavals. The positive Trine from the Sun and South Node (past connections) helps them to portray a positive appearance, and receive favor and support from followers and other authorities. 

Jupiter in Scorpio can be shrewd and secretive about joint financial ventures. The out of sign Trine from void Mercury to Jupiter shows big ideas and subtle manipulative tactics to attract the support of influential and wealthy people. (The entire new presidential cabinet is composed of campaign donors; multi-billionaire old Boomers, each one known to be against the department they uphold to oversee). 

Mercury and Venus are both void-of-course (final degrees of signs) reflecting a negative and disconnected energy. Venus (love, sentiment), void in Cancer, the most emotional and nationalistic sign of the zodiac that’s obsessed with personal security, clearly shows the lack of concern for anyone else but their own personal needs and objectives. This is also supported by the afflicted Moon, Venus’ depositor in Virgo, the coldest and most discriminating sign of the zodiac.    

The Yod (fate, stress, inconsistency) by Aquarius South Node, Uranus in Cancer, and Chiron in Sagittarius (idealism), explains the problems they face by promising revolutionary changes of returning to an implausible and ludicrous past. The Mars-NorthNode-Pluto conjunction in Leo is indicative of power struggles dealing with difficult tasks requiring great deal of effort. This could turn purely egotistical with one trying to dominate the other. Mars and Pluto are the planets of cut, slice, and kill. This combination shows the willingness to use excessive force, violence, and ruthlessness to impose the rules. The sextile from the Sun makes it possible. Hence, war is an option, in addition to killing Obama’s legacy and eradicating democracy. 

Every White House Administration always has an impact on the country’s economy according to the combination of energies between the president and vice-president.  In this particular partnership there is a lack of positive prospects in that area. All the financial indicators in the chart are inhibited in some way. Venus void in Cancer in the 2nd house (resources) shows the availability of national (Cancer) resources that might be used for personal advantage (Cancer) and certainly for overspending, as indicated by the applying square from Venus to Jupiter. Saturn, the planet of business, responsibility, and also limitation, ruler of the 8th house (joint resources) is also besieged by Neptune (lack, illusion, dissolution, deceit). Most of the resources might be spent increasing the military, but another major recession is probable by the end of the first term.

This partnership has what it takes to accomplish the Republican agenda of benefiting the wealthy and bankrupting the Federal Government to cut out and privatize all entitlements inclusive of agencies such as, Homeland Security, departments of labor, education, energy, environment, etc. Healthcare will be entirely up to the insurance companies and maybe people will be covered according to what they can afford. Whatever will be left of the government will be transferred to the responsibility of the States.

If it wasn’t for the fact that these two men need each other to accomplish their independent ambitions, this partnership would not have a slim possibility of lasting. There is always the possibility that after Trump satisfies his ego by becoming U.S. President, he won’t be able to withstand the pressures and will step aside for Pence’s presidency. There is also the possibility of Trump being removed from office; he has enough enemies and pending illegal cases against him. The test is due to begin this summer. But the Religious Right is not going anywhere anytime soon.

In any case, Trump is mainly interested in the glory and prestige of the office thus Pence and the Religious Right will be leading the agenda. They waited too long to get this far and worked too hard to turn America against the Secular Democratic system, using religion to do it. In reality, the Christian Right is a for-profit corporate entity like all others, whose main interest is to be exempt from taxes and regulations and be left alone to do as they please on the greedy road to power and wealth.

It will take another massive revolution to topple the new American Christian Monarchy as our ancestors did in the 1776. The same cycle is back thus history is right on schedule to repeat. The American Empire is now as divided as the British Empire was then. When people don’t learn from history it is bound to repeat in the same destructive ways.  Meanwhile, the world will be watching the extravagant show of the Apprentice in the White House.