The Reincarnation of President Lincoln

Author : Theresa H. McDevitt
Apr 01, 2009

Published: April 2009
Publication: Today's Astrologer

A surge of interest in former President Abraham Lincoln was sparked by the arrival of Barak Obama on the political scene. The sudden interest in everything related to President Lincoln is primarily due to Obama’s statement that Lincoln is his hero and source of inspiration. He mentions Lincoln’s name in most of his speeches and tries to emulate him in what he says and does. Most importantly, in addition to personality and physical and intellectual likeness, the two men share uncanny life experiences:

  • Lincoln was born in 18(09) – became president in 18(61)
  • Obama was born 19(61) – became president in 20(09)
  • Both born outside the original 13 colonies
  • Both came from undistinguished families
  • Both reared with great spiritual conviction without a formal religious affiliation
  • (The only presidents who did not grow up going to any particular church)
  • Both had a second family and step siblings
  • Both lost mothers early in life
  • Both were self-made by their own abilities
  • Both state legislators before becoming US Senators from Illinois for one term
  • Both wrote their own eloquent speeches
  • Both became prominent after impressive speeches at party conventions
  • Both gave speeches clearly with thriftiness of words and about unifying the nation and invoking the Declaration of Independence.
  • Both made their mark by debates; Lincoln was elected after debating conservative Douglas, and Obama was elected after debating conservative McCain.
  • Both inherited a war and were beset by the difficulties of war, internal jealousies, hatred, and condemned by conservatives over the prospects of success in the war.
  • Both chose former rivals for secretary of state; Lincoln chose William H. Seward and Obama chose Hillary R. Clinton.

Furthermore, as stated by Professor Elizabeth Hirschman from Rutgers University after extensive ancestry research, Lincoln’s ancestors from his father’s side were Jewish from England, and Obama’s ancestors from his father’s side were Muslims from Africa. 

As we have seen from the above, so far the similarities are outstanding, except for the fact that President Obama was not elected on a year ending in zero. Thus, we can hope he will be spared from the same tragic end as his previous incarnation.

Astrology offers the best way to substantiate reincarnation. Karmic astrologers can testify to the fact that the soul’s evolution is depicted in the birth map and a significant past life is always relevant to the present one. Usually the soul begins by emulating the past life before making new strides in the evolutionary journey. Reincarnated souls gravitate to what seems familiar and known. In many cases, they simply repeat the same lifetime adjusted to the new personality and environment. Although, we may never be able to prove reincarnation with absolute certainty, astrological observations can provide substantial data from which to arrive to significant conclusions.  Is it reincarnation or amazing connections?

The primary significators of a past life connection follow this order: Moon (soul), Moon Nodes (past-future), Saturn (karma), Chiron (healing through death), Pluto (rebirth), Neptune (soul’s sacrifice), Uranus (change), Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Sun, Ascendant (personality) and Mid-heaven (objectives, destiny).

CONNECTING ASPECTS:  (Obama’s natal and progressed to his inauguration to Lincoln’s natal and progressed to his death)

  • Obama’s progressed Moon conjunct natal Ascendant, trine Lincoln’s progressed Ascendant (right time for soul’s new personality to represent the past one and pick up where it left off).
  • Obama’s Sun opposite Lincoln’s Chiron, square Uranus-Nodes (new identity repeating past to promote change and healing).
  • Obama’s natal Moon square Chiron forms a T-square to Lincoln’s Saturn (soul’s challenge to heal by resuming karmic destiny).
  • Obama’s progressed Jupiter conjunct Lincoln’s natal Moon (opportunity for soul growth).
  • Obama’s Pluto squares Lincoln’s Neptune (rebirth to regenerate prior sacrifice).
  • Obama’s S/Node conjunct Lincoln’s progressed MC (past life resumes past objectives)
  • Obama’s progressed Mercury-Mars square Saturn (urge to take on karmic challenge dealing with law (Libra) and government (Capricorn).
  • Obama’s natal Saturn squares Lincoln’s natal Mars (challenge to repeat past actions).
  • Obama’s Neptune is conjunct Lincoln’s Uranus-N/Node (sacrifice to repeat past purpose).

Both of these Presidents were born with a Uranus-N/Node conjunction indicating their main objective in life is to promote progressive changes for freedom and equality. Lincoln’s Saturn-Neptune conjunction in eighth house with its ruler Pluto in Pisces, imply death as a martyr. This tragic destiny was perfectly timed by progressed MC at 0 Pisces (renunciation) after he had accomplished his soul’s purpose and was assassinated. 

At the time of Obama’s official presidential inauguration at noon in Washington DC, transiting Moon at 29 Scorpio was conjunct his natal MC and progressed part of fortune, square his Nodes, marking the critical turning-point moment of his past to future transition. Scorpio 29 is considered a powerful and critical degree that connotes reincarnation, justice and love as a principle of redemption. The image described by Rudhyar’s Sabian Symbols for this degree is, “An Indian squaw pleading to the chief for the lives of her children.” 

An interesting observation is Obama’s natal Sun in Lincoln’s fifth house, which is believed to describe everyone’s next life. Also, at the time of Obama’s inauguration transiting Neptune was pointing straight at Lincoln, exactly conjunct his Sun at 23 Aquarius. No doubt, the image of his spirit was permeating our ethereal atmosphere.


Difficult times await President Obama beginning in spring/09. When transiting Neptune conjuncts his South Node in the 12th house, the possibility of getting hurt by secret enemies from the past becomes paramount. By the summer, transiting Saturn will be conjunct his natal Mars and progressed Sun, while transiting Uranus makes the last opposition to his natal Mars. The burden of his office will intensify; hard work and blocked ambitions by powerful forces, frustration, rejection, and obstacles that will require extreme disciplined energy and courage to overcome. By the fall, the difficult transiting square of Saturn-Pluto will exacerbate the problems when it forms a T-square to his natal Venus.What he values the most will be threatened, including his job. His difficult time will continue until it reaches a peak in 2011.

(Update 2012 - After difficulties reached a peak, he was re-elected to the presidency in November 2012 despite the increase on all of the abovedifficult beginnings, which continue to intensify. President Lincoln was also re-elected to a second term under similar circumstances).

If President Obama is the reincarnation of President Lincoln, this is a very courageous soul for having assumed such insurmountable life challenges at crucial times in the nation’s history. Once again, America wedged a schism between the privileged and the less fortunate similar to what led to the Great Depression, in addition to reaching dangerous levels of stagnation and backwardness. There are two on-winnable wars going on while enemies continue to multiply, and the national divisions resemble the Civil War times. And considering the Lincoln-Obama ancestry link to Jews and Muslims, we can anticipate his eagerness to resolve the ongoing Middle Eastern debacle (maybe this soul’s origin goes all the way back to that part of the world). Obviously, this soul has again answered the call to restore balance and save the Union by redirecting it to the original principles established by the Forefathers.

It takes a very special soul to break the barriers that keep people in bondage, thus holding back humanity’s evolutionary process. Unfortunately, they usually don’t live to see the fruits of their labor. But because they tried to make a difference, their legacy remains forever memorable. We should all be grateful for those advanced souls, and grateful for astrology that provides us with this type of enlightenment. 

Charts analyzed:  Lincoln’s natal chart and progressed for his death (4-15-1865, 7:22 PM, WA. DC), Obama’s natal chart and progressed for Inauguration (1-20-2009)


  • (Abe Lincoln – 2-12-1809, 8:50 am, Hodgenville, KY)
  • (Barak Obama – 8-4-1961, 7:24 pm, Honolulu, HI)