Author : Theresa H. McDevitt
Sep 01, 2012

Please Note: Information extends to the future.

The universe never ceases to amaze us. For the first time in 164 years, the illusive planet Neptune returned to its own sign where it remained at 00 Pisces from May to August 2011. This brief station was mainly a warning about the insecurity, hardship, and confusion yet to come. Upon its official comeback into Pisces from February 2012 and until 2024, no one knows what to believe anymore. From the corruption and deceit of Wall Street, Banks, Mortgage companies, blatant lies in corporate media, negative political ads, corrupt politicians, homelessness and joblessness, former Middle class citizens on food stamps, while the rich get richer, to the undermining of democracy by fanatic religious ideologues; people are anxious and bewildered not knowing whom or what to trust anymore.

During the last time Neptune was in Pisces (1847-62) the Mormons in Salt Lake City founded their permanent “Kingdom of God.” At the same time, a religious revival of Biblical proportion was sweeping America. In addition, the religion of Spiritualism was born, the Spiritualist village of Cassadaga was built in Florida, and a new era of communication with dead spirits began. It was a time of abolitionists, and inspired writers such as, Emerson, Thoreau, Twain, and others. Abe Lincoln gave the speech, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” But nothing stopped the devastating Civil War from happening. 

It is no secret the two Republican men running for President and Vice President in 2012, each profess a firm devotion to their particular religion; Romney is a Mormon and Ryan is a Catholic. It is no coincidence a Mormon is running for the presidency, as Neptune’s return marks the anniversary of the Mormon religion. It is also no coincidence that during the current nebulous Neptunian atmosphere, these two men were born with a prominent Neptune. Romney has a Pisces Sun and Ryan has Neptune conjunct his natal Ascendant. Together in the composite they have the Sun (identity, purpose) at 00 Pisces in the 12th house, conjunct the Ascendant (personality) at 00 Pisces 49. 

The Neptune effect on these two prominent men implies deceit in many ways. Pisces and Neptune can inspire a vague approach to reality. Ideals and self-deception can overwhelm the ability to see the truth or express their true identity. A constant discontent with things as they are can make them appear to be all things to all people. Regardless of who these two men appear to be as individuals, it is more important to know who they are as a team. The assessment of a composite chart is essential, especially in the case of a significant partnership such as this, and the mid-point method provides the most accurate way to see behind the Neptunian veil of illusion. In this particular case where professional ambitions are involved, Pisces and Neptune have more to do with religious ideals than spirituality.

The emphasis of 00 Pisces in this composite is a reflection of Neptune’s return to its own sign. Composite Sun-Ascendant trine Neptune-Moon-Jupiter in Scorpio (strong, firm convictions), in the 9th house (religion-law), in addition to the trine from Mars in Pisces to all the planets in Scorpio, emphasize an emotional-religious attachment and motivation, and attest to a very idealistic relationship. This also confirms they personally and emotionally identify with each other’s devotional religious beliefs, even if their religions differ. Composite Pluto, ruler of the 10th (career, objectives), opposite the Sun causes professional and internal power struggles, as well as attracting opposition from others (7th house). Perhaps because they would have to serve a few masters: two of the most powerful religious-corporate institutions in America, and other corporate and government powers.

Composite Venus-Mercury in Aquarius, opposite its ruler Uranus in Leo, forming a conflicting T-square to Neptune-Moon-Jupiter, promotes disagreements, instability, and unexpected changes in career objectives due to the fact they have independent opinions and ambitions (Saturn). Composite Saturn trine Mercury in the 12th (secrets), ruler of the 8th (joint resources, values) helps in communicating and accomplishing the main objectives to privatize government services, repeal President Obama’s healthcare reform, and cut corporate taxes, regulations, Social Security, and other social services (Virgo in the 8th of death and regeneration). 

Composite Mars square Saturn, suggest they can work at cross purposes. This produces negative feelings that seethe below the surface occasionally going past the boiling point. The inner emotional stress is supported by the quincunx from Saturn to Moon-Jupiter. Chiron in Capricorn, square Nodes suggest they would have to face moral and ethical questions with associates, and presents a challenge to compromise personal ideals, faith, and values for the sake of the partnership.


A composite with so much emphasis on religious ideals depicts a challenging relationship that seldom survives due to secrets, ulterior motives, and desire to dominate and eliminate, especially in this case if their own personal-emotional beliefs and philosophies get in the way (Neptune-Moon-Jupiter). Scorpio is about other people’s monies, values, taxes, and corporate power, the reasons they became a team. This team was obviously put together by powers behind the scenes (Venus in the 12th, ruler of the 9th). The same is supported by transiting Pluto in the 11th house (friends, organizations), sextile the Scorpio planets in the 9th house. Transiting Pluto trine composite Pluto, ruler of the 10th, also makes them feel destiny in on their side to take over the power they crave. 

Before and during the 2012 presidential election, transiting Jupiter conjunct composite Saturn will continue to pour bundles of corporate money toward their main objectives. Corporate money spent in the corporate media represents a revolving door of wealth and power among the selected few. Transiting Saturn conjunct composite Neptune-Moon could cause a breakdown in the ways they structure their perception of reality. Saturn demands pragmatic proofs and responsibility for what people are about. This could be problematic because transiting Neptune will be at 00 Pisces for the last time, conjunct composite Sun-Ascendant, still enfolding them under a cloud of self-delusion.

Neptune’s effect is also known for disappointment and dissolution. If for some reason Neptune does not dissolve this partnership, they will feel as “saviors” sent by God to fulfill their religious objectives and personal ambitions. If they lose, they will feel as martyrs, and will never give up trying to implement their ideologies, values, and new ideas into the system of government. This is indicated by composite Neptune in the 9th, ruling the 2nd house of personal values, and supported by transiting Uranus conjunct the stellion of progressed planets and N/Node in Aries in the next 4 years.

The Neptune effect in Pisces (2011-24) in addition to the closing of the Pisces Age is obviously affecting the world at a greater level than ever before. Emotional attachments to outmoded divisive religious texts will not solve today’s problems. Being able to see through the veil of deceit will speed up the gradual transition from the Pisces Age of monarchs, dictators, and religious tyrants, which included the worship of idols – the idea that anyone who appears to be above the rest deserves to be honored and looked up to. Thus, in order to remain on top they need to hold others down – the engine that propels racial-ethnic-religious, and class divisions. 

This composite is a perfect example of prolonging the past social oppressions. The future is about reason, diversity, equality, opportunity, and freedom for every soul to choose their own destiny, grow and evolve as high as they want to, all of which requires a true partnership between the people and government. Eliminating government as Republicans and Libertarians promote, instead of reforming it, will insure the status quo. The partnership depicted in this composite could represent “the straw that breaks the camel’s back” whether the mass-consciousness of the country is ready to continue the road towards a united future. Recognizing the spiritual connection that unites all humanity and the Earth is the evolved side of Pisces and Neptune, which is not the case regarding these two individuals. 

This composite is based on the following birth data from birth certificates:

Mitt Romney, March 12, 1947, 9:51 am, Detroit, MI

Paul Ryan, January 29, 1970, 2:37 am, Janesville, WI

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