Author : Theresa H. McDevitt
May 01, 2010

(Published May 2010, Today's Astrologer)

Planetary cycles confirm there is perfect order in the universe, "a time for everything under the heavens." The powerful Saturn-Pluto cycle marked some of the the most significant events affecting USA since the 1980s. These two planets take 31 to 40 years to complete the cosmic circle. This is a cycle of breakdown and rebuilding when the threat of the past must be faced and transformed, otherwise the end results can be devastating. From October 2009 to September 2010, these two powerful planets will be at a stressful 90-degree angle from each other (square). This is the last square of the cycle that began with the 1982 conjunction in Libra that highlighted the need to balance relationships between peoples and nations. Matters started at the conjunction carry over until the end of the cycle, with major turning points during the squares representing a time for rectification. The opposition represents the middle of the cycle when the original intentions are reflected back requiring awareness before new steps are taken.

The challenging Saturn-Pluto cycle affects countries and peoples differently according to their particular charts. The latest cycle had a significant impact on the US government because the conjunction took place in the 10th house (objectives, government, reputation) of the US Sibly chart for July 4, 1776. The conjunction at 27 + Libra made a square to natal US Pluto prompting America to take the opportunity to exert its monetary and military powers and assume leadership among all nations. America became the most influential in world relations. In addition, the opposition of 2001 impacted the other two main angles of ascendant/descendant and sparked the awareness that with power comes tremendous responsibility inclusive of irreversible consequences. Interestingly, the conjunction and opposition occurred during Republican administrations (1982 and 2001), while the squares occurred during Democratic administrations (1993 and 2009-10).

The following factual summary offers a comprehensive view of the sequence of events up to the present time and what to expect until the new cycle begins in 2020.


1. What starts during the conjunction carries over until the end of the cycle

2. Squares are turning points, time for corrections through hardship and turmoil 

3. The Opposition directly reflects what happened in the conjunction

4. Matters started at the beginning of each quadrant carry over until the next

(The God-given science/art of astrology is the study of UNIVERSAL LAWS & TRUTHS. Thus, in order to execute truth to the highest possible level, astrologers have a responsibility to put aside all personal prejudices and political preferences).

CONJUNCTION 1982 in Libra:

1- Iran/US embassy hostage standoff (the abusive regime of the capitalist Shah supported by USA was replaced by the Ayatollah Khomeini, who established theocratic rule)

2- Inauguration of President Ronald Reagan

3- President Reagan assassination attempt

4- "Reganomics" (tax-cuts for the wealthy that supposedly would trickle down)

5- De-regulations, cuts on social programs, closing of public mental hospitals

6- Peak of the Cold War (Reagan called Russia "the evil empire")

7- Russia/Afghanistan War (US secret support for the Taliban)

8- Iran/Iraq War (US secret support for Iraq - selling arms to Saddam Hussein)

9- US/Iran-contra scandal of trading arms for hostages (President Bush senior later

pardoned administration officials who had been indicted or convicted for withholding

information in a web of official deception, mismanagement and illegality)

10-Shiite Muslims bombed American barracks in Lebanon due to US support for Israel

11-US/Contra-narcotic operation-involvement in Drug Wars in Central & South America

12-US invasion of the Caribbean island of Grenada

13-Deregulation by the Administration and Congress led to the Savings & Loans crises


FIRST SQUARE 1992-93 in Aquarius & Scorpio:

1- Inauguration of President Clinton

2- Mrs. Clinton’s healthcare initiative for reform rejected by Republicans

3- Branch Davidians cult/FBI-ATF standoff/tragedy in Waco, TX (led to Oklahoma

bombing by American militia movement sympathizer Timothy McVeigh)

4- Welfare reform (replaced by day-care programs for single mothers)

5- US & NATO forces declared war on Eastern Europe to stop genocide of Moslems in the  Ethnic-Cleansing War.

6- Presidential sex accusations/scandals and impeachment trial

7- OSLO Agreement (US Administration insisted Israel release terrorist prisoners)

8- Implementation of NAFTA (removal of barriers to trade and investment among

USA, Canada, Mexico)


OPPOSITION 2001 in Gemini & Sagittarius:

1- Elections debacle

2- Inauguration of President G. W. Bush (appointed by the Supreme Court)

3- Massive tax-cuts for the wealthy and corporations

4- Corporate deregulations and privatization of government agencies

5- Massive cuts on social programs

6- Faith-based Initiatives (Federal funds in support of religious organizations)

7- President Bush singled out countries as "the axis of evil"

8- World Trade Center attack of 9-11-01 in New York City (led to US invasion of

Afghanistan and occupation of Iraq under false pretenses, led to economic crises)

9- Creation of Homeland Security

10-Implementation of unconstitutional initiatives under "The Patriot Act" (wiretapping,

torture, retention of detainees without prosecution, etc.)

11-Real Estate market collapse due to over lending and credit crises

12-Economy in turmoil – The Bush administration and Congress committed $7.8 trillion

and before he left office he had spent $1.359 trillion in bailouts for banking and Wall

Street Institutions declared by him, "too big to fail." (Refer to The New York


FINAL SQUARE 2009-10 in Libra & Capricorn:

1- Inauguration of President Barak Obama

2- Obama administration continues Bush’s policies and bailouts (and together with the FDIC and the Federal Reserve commit many more billions to the cause)

3- High unemployment and massive housing foreclosures

4- Healthcare reform debacle

5- "Tea-baggers" demonstrators against the Obama Administration

6- Afghanistan conflict intensifies -- President Obama commits 30,000 more troops

7- Crackdown on illegal Mexican immigrants

8- Swine flue pandemic scare and vaccination

9- Supreme Court grants corporations the right to unlimited campaign contributions


As the conclusion of this cycle takes its course, more national crises are to be expected. America is experiencing a consolidation of initiatives taken at the conjunction that impacted the entire cycle. Furthermore, the same initiatives were reestablished and reinforced during the opposition. The issues of interactive relationships between peoples and nations from the 1982 conjunction in Libra are still unresolved. Tensions intensify during the turning point represented by the final square in process 2009-10, impacting the rest of the cycle until the new one starts in 2020. Tragedies and natural disasters are also stimulated during this cycle, especially during squares and opposition.

The next new cycle symbolizing new beginnings will be in Capricorn emphasizing government institutions around the world. In the US chart, it conjuncts natal Pluto in the second house of values and resources. Once again, the nation's economic fate and use of power are being highlighted. This could mark the end of the American Empire and the beginning of a new nation. The future depends on lessons learned and new initiatives taken. Astrological knowledge and learning from history offer the only hope for a better future.(Refer to "Why History Repeats", for additional information of past, present and future).

Please Note: Information extends to the future.
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