Author : Theresa H. McDevitt
Feb 15, 2022

Jan 01, 2012 (Updates extend to 2025 and beyond)

One of the main lessons learned by astrology students is that there are no coincidences. The magnificent and precise planetary system explains what is happening at any given time, for whatever is born at any time has the qualities of that moment and time. History repeats every time Pluto returns to the same sign. Its previous position in Capricorn (1762-78) was during the first Tea Party of 1773. Pluto is back in Capricorn (2008-2024), and now we have the Tea Party Movement that began with the election of President Obama in 2008. Religious connotations and other unforeseen factors concerning both Tea Party movements, including the connection to the GOP, are clearly reflected in the birth charts. For a better understanding it is important to first explore some background history.

The name “Tea Party” is a reference to the Boston Tea Party of 1773, a protest by colonists who objected to a British tax on tea. Dressed as Native Americans demonstrated by dumping British tea into the harbor; the tea was taken from docked ships. The British taxation led to the revolutionary War of Independence in 1776. Besides the hardship of taxes on hardworking people who were merely trying to survive, there was the fact that most colonists were God-fearing, devout believers in the Bible who had escaped Europe’s religious persecution. They identified with the Hebrew prophets who also had been persecuted and overtaxed by the Romans during those Biblical times. Thus, one of the main messages in the Bible is that taxes are evil and must be rejected. Tax exemption on religious institutions in America is a law and a tradition. 

The issue of taxes has remained the most important one in every American political campaign in addition to abortion or women’s rights. The Christian pro-life issue is another Biblical misinterpretation derived from the prophets’ advice to “choose life” when referring to reincarnation principles. Thus, Christianity in America has been at odds with the liberal-democratic part of the government system that protects human rights and taxes the wealthy to help the less-fortunate. The Church believes it should be the only recipient of public charity and thereby, the only authority assigned to provide the moral values and needs of the downtrodden. They are also afraid to lose the tax-exempt status now that most of them have become millionaires, such as Evangelical organizations. Every time a Democrat becomes president religious fears intensify, especially with the election of the first Black President.

The original Boston Tea Party occurred December 16, 1773 around 11:00 pm, in Boston, Massachusetts. The Tea Party movement was originally registered as Chicago Tea Party.com in August 2008 by a radio producer for a conservative talk show host. On February 19, 2009 (time unknown), after a broadcast rant against the Obama administration, the video of his tirade became a YouTube hit and thus the movement was officially born.

BOSTON TEA PARTY CHART:  Appropriately born with a Virgo Ascendant that represents the working people, this Ascendant is conjunct Neptune-Saturn-North Node and part of a dynamic T-square with the Sun. It depicts people of fundamental beliefs under hardship conditions who were willing to do whatever it took to achieve independence. This is supported by Mars-Mercury square Jupiter. Neptune in the picture explains the disguise as American Indians. The Grand-trine from Uranus and Pluto to the Virgo conjunction made it all possible. The Uranus-Pluto cycle always marks the time for major social, political and economic changes.

COMPARISON OF OLD AND NEW TEA PARTIES:  Placing the chart of the new Tea Party outside the chart of the Boston Tea Party shows the amazing connections between the two, suggesting that one picks up where the other left off. Saturn again in Virgo, opposite Uranus, triggers the original dynamic T-square in the Boston Tea Party chart, while Pluto also triggers it by its conjunction to Mars-Mercury, square Jupiter in the Boston Tea Party. The conjunction of Mercury-North Node-Jupiter-Mars in the Tea Party chart conjoins the Moon and Venus of the Boston Tea Party chart.

The fact that the new Tea Party has the Sun in Pisces with Neptune square the Boston Tea Party Uranus indicates hidden and unpredictable motives and purposes are at play. Contrary to the first Tea Party that was united on a single purpose, the new movement adheres to multiple conflicting purposes creating confusion and uncertainty. The majority of followers are only motivated by religion (Evangelical Christians) while remaining attached to the Republican Party. Other followers have been misled into thinking the movement is strictly about eradicating government corruption; others are simply Libertarians against any type of government; and yet, others are also deluded into thinking they could use the movement to form a new and more progressive political party. This will be better understood after analyzing the impact of the Tea Party on the Republican Party.

REPUBLICAN PARTY:  Before the Republican Party came into existence, there were Democrats and Whigs. The first public meeting where the name “Republican” was suggested for a new anti-slavery party was held on March 20, 1854 at a schoolhouse in Ripon, Wisconsin. The time is unknown, but 12:00 pm always works well on non-human entities, such as organizations, cities, etc. This party came into being under the platform of the non-expansion of slavery, a purely Northern major political party positioned squarely against the Southern slave power. Southern states held a grudge by remaining Democrat, which lasted until the Kennedy administration and the Civil Rights movement when they shifted to Republican.

Sun, Venus, and Neptune in Pisces could testify to the original compassionate purpose against the oppression of slavery, but Neptune square Sagittarius Moon shows misguided idealism, and a conflict involving philosophies and beliefs. The mutable Grand-cross involving Venus, Mars, Saturn and Nodes indicates duality of intention and purpose. The paradoxical nature of Pisces can be highly empathic, as well as deceptive. Pisces can give the wrong impression because it’s never what it appears to be. It is also prone to confusion and fear of disintegration thus in order to feel secure and in control it can desperately latch onto anything that represents power. Hence, Pisces finds refuge in religion through which it can also actualize the need to create fantasies, illusions and delusions in the search for meaning and purpose.

The new Republican Party drew its main support from the most densely populated and industrialized areas of the country. A Uranus-Pluto conjunction, trine Mars marked the right time for constructive action towards major revolutionary changes. This is the cycle that marked the unset of the Industrial Revolution and gave birth to the American capitalistic system. The first American family dynasties and business empires that were established at the time, which have continued to expand and evolve, are still at the core of corporate America, and still hold a close relationship to the “Grand Old Party.”

The Republican Party was also given the name “the party of business.” This is explained by Saturn trine Jupiter, the aspect of high ambition and business success, in the productive and conservative signs of Taurus and Capricorn, indicative of support to and from wealthy industrialists. These were the business moguls that sought to benefit from the cheap labor that freed slaves from the south represented.

GOP-TEA PARTY TEAM: The fact that the Tea Party has taken over the GOP is clearly confirmed by placing the planets of the Tea Party around the Republican chart. The Sun of the Tea Party in Pisces, conjunct GOP’s Venus, triggers the mutable Grand-cross bringing new light to the party by stimulating innate mental, religious and philosophical vulnerabilities. The Saturn-Uranus opposition (2008-09 that gave the Tea Party the initial impetus to organize, forms a T-square to the GOP Moon indicating emotional tensions and stresses in the process of unifying forces.

It didn’t take long for these two entities to realize they could use each other to accomplish their aims. During the 2010 midterm elections against President Obama, religious organizations invested heavily getting the Tea Partiers elected to the Republican Congress. Ever since then, the new Evangelical Republican Party began to enforce their extreme political objectives of blocking any possible democratic agenda.

The Aquarius stellium of five planets and North Node impacting the Republican eighth house of joint values, resources and taxes, depict a diverse group of revolutionaries determined to drastically change these matters. They also gave the GOP the new name of “Social Conservatives” (a new disguise for Evangelical Christians) although nothing could represent the term social conservatism better than this Aquarius stellium that includes Jupiter. The T-square from the Aquarius stellium to the GOP Uranus-Pluto is a major challenge to the old values, as it forces a new powerful joint venture.

The success of the joint venture is explained by two favorable Grand-trines between the two entities (ease, luck, support, rapport): The Tea Party Moon-Pluto conjunction, trine GOP Mars and Pluto (unifying influential power lays the groundwork toward major transformations), the Tea Party Saturn trine GOP Jupiter and Uranus (ambitious and optimistic changes for mutual benefit and advancement).

The charts confirm what has been obvious so far; the great majority in the Tea Party and the Republican Party make a formidable team for mutual benefit. They share the same objectives to repeal Healthcare Reform, the same basic ideological principles in favor of limited government ruled by the Bible, and corporations ruled by themselves. The rest of the people are on their own, perhaps at the mercy of the church (the way it was before the Great Depression). All of the above is supported by the mid-point composite between these two entities (chart included). Sun-Venus in Pisces (idealistic compatible relation), united by a Grand Trine to Mars and Saturn (lucky emotional, spiritual and business connection). The triple conjunction of Mercury- Neptune-Pluto in Pisces depicts strong ideological beliefs prone to self-delusion and dreams for ultimate power. However, once the rest of the diversified followers realize they don’t share the same extremist backward ideological objectives, the numbers in the movement will start to dwindle.

Eventually, a new progressive independent political party will assemble and move the country forward into the new age of secularism and social diversity. Major leaps of change in the system may not be possible until transiting Pluto’s transformational power begins to activate the last ten degrees of the conservative sign Capricorn (2017-24). The ongoing transits provide more insights on the immediate future:

UPDATE 2011-13: At this time transiting Neptune is conjunct the Sun of the Tea Party and the Venus of the Republican Party activating the mutable Grand-square they both share. Neptune’s magical dust of deception will continue to be poured upon them ultimately leading to confusion, disappointment and disillusionment. Meanwhile, wacky Uranus conjunct the Republican Mercury will continue to entertain with its theatrical and outrageous charade of GOP/Tea Party characters.

At the end of 2012, Saturn in Scorpio begins to square the Aquarius stellium, thus pulling its reigns on all the Aquarius planets of the Tea Party for about two years. In addition, the mighty Uranus-Pluto square that promotes revolutionary changes by forcing disengagement from outmoded structures, will be affecting the Venus (values) of the Tea Party until 2015. By this time, Saturn at 27+ Scorpio begins to instigate a turning-point for the Republican Party with the opposition to its natal Saturn, just before it gets to Sagittarius and begins to activate the mutable Grand-square. At this point, Saturn also begins to square the Sun of the Tea Party. Up to this time, the movement might be able to retain its influential power over the GOP, other than that, it looks like Saturn will finish the job thus the days are numbered for the Tea Party.

America is in for an exciting roller coaster ride and astrology is the only method capable of explaining the mysterious forces behind the spinning axis. (Analysis of composites between candidates for elections 2012 in this site).

After running a campaign of lies, deception, and religious implications threatening Women's Rights and favoring the very wealthy, the Republican Party lost the 2012 elections. The self-delusion and denial promoted by transiting Neptune conjunct natal GOP Venus, conjunct Tea Party’s natal Sun and conjunct the composite Sun between their presidential team (Romney-Ryan), left them in a complete state of shock. They had expected to win by a landslide. The GOP/Tea Party was expecting an elusive victory all the way to the end. They were so enfolded by the Neptunian fog they could not accept facts or failure.

The Tea-Evangelical Party is still in control of the House of Representatives thus when standing for religious principles there is no compromising. They still hope to dismantle the democratic system of government. Thus, while the Tea Party's objective is to protect the power of religion over the people, the GOP's objective is to protect corporations and the wealthy. But, If the GOP expects to hold on to future power, they will have to separate from their extreme ideological partners. This won't be easy as long as they remain under Neptune's self-delusion. In the meantime, the Democratic Party will have to fight harder to protect Democracy and the general public. The masses are no longer willing to be repressed or oppressed, especially by outmoded religious/authoritarian regimes.

UPDATE (The shutdown spectacle):
On October 1, 2013, the same day the Affordable Care Act was scheduled to begin, the Republican Party led by the Tea Partiers revealed their true colors when they shut down the federal government demanding to defund or delay the healthcare law. The far right doesn’t believe President Obama or the Democrats have any right to govern at all, thus they deem perfectly acceptable refusing to raise the debt ceiling to undo the results of democratic elections. In their ideological crusade to dismantle government and deny affordable health insurance to millions of Americans, they held hostage the national economy until October 17, 2013 at an estimated cost of $24+ billion. While they sabotaged the health-care reform and affected basically everyone by damaging the economy putting nine million mothers and children at-risk of starvation and death, these congressional bullies continued to receive their salaries and other privileges.

(The previous shutdown of 1995-96 during the Clinton administration cost around $2 billion in today’s dollars, not including the lost value of work or the $300 million the federal parks would have taken in or the reduced pace of IRS audits. So called Conservatives, who constantly complain against federal food assistance programs for the hungry don’t seem to be in the least concerned about the loss of revenue brought about by the unnecessary government shutdowns, especially when a democrat occupies the White House. Those who pride themselves as “patriots” don’t seem to care how much they hurt the country, as long as they hurt Democrats).

After the madness of the past few weeks congressional lawmakers negotiated a last-minute plan to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling, the U.S. averted a historic default on its debts for the first time in history. It is obvious to astrologers that transiting Saturn at 11 Scorpio, positioned at a sharp 90-degree angle, square to the Tea Partiers’ natal and progressed Mercury, N/Node, Jupiter and Mars in Aquarius was the catalyst that forced the GOP to surrender while transiting Mars opposite natal Sun triggered the action.

The natal Aquarius stellium of planets in the 9th house (law, religion, ethnicity) is evident of a new breed of angry rebels taking up where the Old Confederacy left off. In 1860, it was the end of slavery that the rebel states feared; today it is universal access to health care. The resentful majority whites that make up the Tea Party view themselves as besieged by minorities seeking free benefits threatening their way of life. It is no coincidence that states most opposed to Obamacare are also instituting voter ID laws designed to keep poor minorities from voting. To the soldiers of this New Confederacy the Civil War never ended.

Transiting Saturn square to all the planets in Aquarius will continue to hold back the Tea Party’s racist hysteria from fulfilling their goals throughout its sojourn in Scorpio until 2015. The struggle will continue as Saturn goes into Sagittarius 2015-17 and begins to square the natal Sun and Uranus. Meanwhile, from November 2013 to the summer of 2014 the progressed Moon will be conjunct natal and progressed Sun, which are still under Neptune’s magical dust of deception. 

This aspect promises to intensify the delusional religious zeal of Tea Partiers and promote the initiative of a new scheme. The conjunction from transiting Neptune to the Sun of the Tea Party and the Venus of the Republican Party has been the contributing factor for their delusional and misguided intentions and actions. The main characters among them truly believe they are on a special mandate from God to bring down the U.S. democratic government as the final requirement to “the end times” and Jesus’ return. The healthcare reform debacle is simply the smoking gun to camouflage their true delusional motivations.  

The Tea Party’s ideological crusade will continue because religious zealots never compromise and never give up. Due to their attachment to the GOP, they could remain in office in 2014 by their misguided followers and the scheme of redistricting, but their power will continue to dwindle by the limiting and adverse effects brought about by the Saturn squares. The Grand Old Party is confronted by a great dilemma; either they take back control of their party and readjust to the social demands, or they may eventually go down together with their extremist counterpart.

Spending on social programs is not what’s destroying USA power; the corporate monopoly that favors the greedy 1%, buys politicians, sends jobs overseas for higher profits and destroys the environment is more to blame, these are the real enemies of America. All empires come to an end after unnecessary over-reaching and over-extending of power. The Iraq War-occupation did more damage to the country in terms of spending and creating more enemies than any social program ever could.

Presidential Election 2016 heralds’ turbulent times as the Tea Partiers and Republicans struggle for power. The party of big business can’t wait to finish the job of handing over to the corporations what’s left of government. They will pull out every trick in the book and do whatever it takes, knowing it might be their last chance before the masses wake up and demand justice. Unfortunately, matters have to get very bad before people are ready to react. The GOP has been on a relentless quest to undue “The New Deal” ever since President F. D. Roosevelt signed it into law in 1930’s.

Presidential Election 2020: The USA will experience a major political turning-point with the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto triple conjunction activating the natal U.S. Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto’s first return to its original position since the Revolutionary War of Independence from the British/Christian monarchy in 1776, will mark a significant turning point in U.S. history. Pluto in Capricorn gave USA the system of self-government that created the most successful and wealthiest democracy in the world. This system has been corrupted and is no longer “by the people, for the people, with liberty and justice for all.” The question remains, will the American people be ready to take back their government from the new Corporate/Christian Monarchy?  

If this new monarchy has its way, they will do away with social security, healthcare programs, and the churches will be in charge of the basic social services. However, USA and the new world are not supposed to go backwards against the forward forces of the universe without suffering perilous consequences. An epic time for the country is expected to begin in 2022-24 when transiting Pluto starts its official conjunction to U.S. natal and progressed Pluto. At the same time, transiting Neptune gets ready to conjunct the Sun of the Republican Party for the second time since it was established. The energy of Neptune promotes lessons in humility. Its effect is nebulous and slow, thus by the time the unenlightened souls notice the rug has been pulled from under them in order to make room for more sympathy and humanity. 

The future of Democratic Capitalism is uncertain as the Pisces Age of religious persecution and victimization comes to an end. The future Aquarius Age of people power will supersede the worshiping of lords and masters. No one will be able to stop the age of reason and social humanism that’s at hand; either we all progress together or we will all perish. The universe demands the kind of change that moves forward, thus new progressive forms of government are in the horizon marked by Pluto’s new cycle into Aquarius (2024-43), which precedes the official beginning of the New Aquarius Age during the cycle of Pluto in Aries (2066-96).

FOLLOW-UP 2022 (Recollection/Prognostications): Neptune has a cycle of 164-68 years. The latest religious revival began in earnest upon Neptune’s return to Pisces in 2011-25. The previous time it was in its own sign 1847-61, an American Baptist preacher created the Millerites Evangelist Movement predicting the second coming of Christ. After many failed prophetic dates that spread widely and believed by many, it led to the “Great Disappointment.” These events paved the way for the Adventists who formed the Seventh-day religion. Evangelists are again consumed in another intense millennial expectation fever of “The End Times.”  As stated above in the original article, from November 2013 to summer of 2014 the Tea Party’s progressed Moon proceeded to conjunct natal and progressed Sun in Pisces. It all happened while they were under Neptune’s magical dust of deception, powerful in its own sign.

The new Republican-Tea Party’s religious and racist hysteria struggle continued and intensified in 2015 upon arrival of the great deceiver and sociopath Trump, running as a Republican for U.S. president willing to do whatever it takes for power, fame and fortune. The radical far-right of the Republican Party finally found the leader they were waiting for. This was the opportunity to fulfill their longtime dream of taking over the U.S.  government and turn it into an old-time Autocratic Theocracy. During his first month in office, the new president fulfilled the promise he made to Evangelist preachers to officially and totally destroy the 1954 Johnson Amendment; the law that threatened religious nonprofit organizations to lose tax-exempt status if political involvement and profiteering.

Not only did the great deceiver and dictator wannabe assume the 2017 presidency, he also took ownership of the entire GOP turning it into the MAGA Party, backed and financed mostly by the modern millionaire Evangelist corporations (Mega Churches from Texas and around the country fighting to preserve tax-exempt status). In addition, the old Christian White Supremist Militia under the new name of Q-Annon to remain anonymous, joined the MAGA Movement. Thus, the U.S. Constitutional Wall separating church and state has crumbled and unlimited political religious contributions have multiplied. Obviously, the ominous Evangelist Movement in America has grown through leaps and bounds, powerful enough to attain their selfish aims.

Even more tragically, the new partnership of Evangelists and White Supremacists awakened the old Medieval Christian-antisemitic propaganda against Jewish people. Again, they resurfaced the old convenient accusation of having killed Jesus. The crusade to persecute Jews began by the Romans as they established the new religion of Christendom after the fall of the empire. The frustration of not being able to convert Jews to the new interpretations of the scriptures originally written by their people, compelled them to create a prejudice cancer that spread throughout the world. This unfair Christian propaganda against Jews has been used as a camouflage to hide Christianity’s own wrong doings. After over 2,000 years they are still spreading the cancer of prejudice, especially in America. The new team of Republicans, Evangelists and Q-Annon Christian Crusaders are also persecuting all the people they consider non-Whites and/or non-Christians to hold on to power. They ignore the fact that sooner or later such a cancerous disease ends up killing its host.            

INSURRECTION 1-6-2021:  When the hard-nosed, no-compromise ideological MAGA lost the 2020 election they refused to accept the loss. On January 6, 2021, led by the great deceiver who concocted THE BIG LIE insisting he was the winner, even after multiple investigations and re-counts, they plotted and executed the most destructive and violent insurrection against the U.S. government in history. America’s blind followers remain under the foggy cloud of illusive Neptune. There is so much false and fraudulent misinformation, people are confused and don’t know what to believe anymore, while others are in complete denial.

The Cobid-19 virus pandemic is also a Neptunian effect that exposes the humanistic decay, the lack of empathy and humility and the causes of darkness. Tragically, the virus is being used to undermine the new democratic administration. Darkness will persist as long as the leader of the failed coup to undue a legitimate election, supported by his corrupt congressional cohorts, continue to spread the lie. If Republican lawmakers are the lawbreakers and not held accountable, it will be the end of America as we know it.  

The only way to come out the dark tunnel of bigotry, division, false promises, selfishness and unrealistic visions is by reaching out for enlightenment (coming out of the dark). The LIGHT at the end of the tunnel is about TRUTH through education, free thinking, love, science, diversity and the brotherhood of man regardless of race, nationality, social status or belief system; the higher side of Neptune and Jupiter, ruler and co-ruler of Pisces. The cycle of Neptune in Pisces is meant to accelerate this process. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes darkness and sorrow to grow spiritually.

USA NATAL CHART: All the basic qualities of Sagittarius are represented in the Sagittarius rising sign depicting the fundamental personality of this country: A nation of immigrants, all nationalities and religions, the land of opportunity, with liberty and justice for all, strong faith and optimism with emphasis on God, sports, the law, status, travel, adventure and insatiable urge for more, bigger and better. The rising sign of any entity depends on its birthtime and locality. The accuracy of this birth was tragically confirmed on September 11, 2001 by the Pluto-Saturn opposition at 12 degrees Sagittarius-Gemini, marking Pluto’s first conjunction to America’s rising sign. This powerful event unleashed destructive forces threatening worldwide peace and stability. Ethnic and religious conflicts, war and genocide forced massive migrations of refugees; thus, the world and USA have never been the same and will never be again.

The year 2020 was another crucial one for the world and specially for USA with long-lasting ramifications. The powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn began a new 35-40 years cycle of breakdown and rebuilding, impacting 2nd and 8th houses in U.S. natal chart (values, joint resources), exactly opposite Mercury in 8th (death), ruler of U.S. 9th and 7th Houses (religion, laws, open enemies).

On 12-21-20, also impacting 2nd and 8th Houses, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction began its new 20-year cycle at 0.29 Aquarius. This is the infamous cycle purposively responsible for the “Presidential Curse” that brings damage to the country and/or death of the president. The greatest damage to the nation has already been done by the twice impish, one term, anti-constitutional pathological liar, narcissist loser president, aided by the corrupt and deluded Evangelical Tea Partiers in congress, who instigated the 1-6-21 vicious insurrection. This conjunction also initiated Saturn’s crucial passage over all natal and progressed Aquarius planets of the Tea Party until 2023 (responsibility test).

More violence is expected as long as the sore-loser previous President Trump and his blind-followers continue the misleading propaganda to destroy American Democracy. Organized religion was a product of the Pisces Age that began before the birth of Christ. As the Age comes to an end, the American Evangelist Movement has become a powerful cult determined to take over U.S. Government. Their illusive quest became evermore intense as soon as the U.S. Sun progressed into Pisces, which also coincided with the Iraq war-invasion by then President G.W. Bush. Evangelists were also mostly responsible for his two terms in office after declaring himself a “Born-again Christian”.  

The movement became even more intense as soon as transiting Neptune began to conjunct progressed U.S. Sun in Pisces, opposite U.S. Neptune in Virgo, in the 9th house (law, religion, ethnic concepts). The new Evangelical Republican Congress were able to fill the Supreme Court with compatible judges and implemented religious laws in many states against women’s rights and educational books. They are also establishing vote-suppression laws against minority groups, as well as placing their blind-followers in all strategic positions around the country that will guarantee them winning elections. The final outcome is yet to come 2024-25 after Pluto’s first return and final conjunction to natal U.S. Pluto, while transiting Neptune leaves its own sign with a conjunction to the Republican Party’s natal Sun at 29 Pisces. These powerful events could be the catalysts determining the survival of Democracy.

The Autocratic Evangelist Movement against USA Democracy has acquired a new supporter in the infamous Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom they claim brought Christianity back to Russia. Unfortunately, they are ignoring the fact that President Putin’s main objective is to destroy the competition. Every time there’s a democratic administration in America, he begins a vicious campaign to undermine it. Russia was the main instrumental force against the U.S. Democrat candidate in 2016 elections. Like Republican candidates, Putin is also using religion and nationalism as political tools.

Ex-president Trump has a lot in common with the Russian leader; it explains the reason the U.S. Republican Evangelist Movement chose him as their leader. This time, the new well-organized Christian Crusaders are using the Media and Internet to persecute and destroy non-followers with job losses and death threats to their entire families. They also have the help of the Q-Annon previously known as, the KKK White Supremist Militia, that used to burn Black homes and churches but are now targeting Black colleges with bomb threats and also immigrants at the southern border. They are also planning to intimidate voters in future elections with the use of fire arms.

All the political information and events presented in the above recollection can be verified and confirmed by actual video records, independent media, government and private organizations dedicated to preserve the integrity and security of the greatest 246 (2022) experiment in Democracy known as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

As the ancient astrological scientists discovered thousands of years ago, the Universal Planetary System was divinely created for the benefit of humanity. Astrological knowledge provides the proven facts and perfect timing of planetary influences upon the world without which, only non-reliable statistics or suppositions exist. Although precise planetary cyclical predictability is predestined, humanity’s FREE WILL and level of awareness can modify destiny. Hence, Neptune’s return to Pisces obviously propelled reemergence of the current extremist ideological movement, but its survival will be decided by the majority of Americans; between division and chaos or the unity and freedoms Democracy has to offer.     

Significant changes are expected in 2025 after Neptune begins a new cycle in Aries; Uranus starts a new one in Gemini where it was in 1776 during the War of Independence; and Pluto begins a new cycle in Aquarius, as it did in 1777 after the war, followed by the signing of the USA Constitution on September 17, 1787. The return of major cycles to original positions offers epic opportunities to reexamine past results in order to make more positive improvements for the future.  

PLUTO’S CYCLE OF 248-250 YEARS: In 2006, astronomers decided to demote Pluto from the 9th planet from the Sun to one of the five “dwarf planes” on account of its size. Astrologers, whose research goes beyond physical appearances, are aware of the powerful influence Pluto exerts upon humanity and the world. Pluto’s energy has to do with transformation and regeneration. Its cycle has been related to the length of time World Empires have held on to power. Downfall signs begin to be evident ahead with lingering effects afterwards. China is showing signs of wanting to replace USA as the next World Empire.

UPDATE 2020-32: The return of Pluto back to its position at the birth of USA, explains the present political turmoil the country is experiencing at the verge of another Civil War. This turning point might last until after March 7, 2032 with Pluto’s first return to where it was at the signing of the Constitution. This is another major event with the possibility of new amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Changes will be mainly depended on the will of the people and the politics in power at the time. The question still remains…………….                Will America be ready to fight for Democracy again?

(For more on the present, past and future refer to my books: The Cosmic Hourglass of Life and Why History Repeats. For those who are not familiar with the symbolic language of astrology, Defining Relationships Astrologically presents a simplified method for easy learning and teaching).

CHARTS INCLUDED: Download & View Here

1- Tea Party #1 with new Tea Party #2
2- Republican Party with new Tea Party on the outside.
3- Republican Party/Tea Party Composite Chart.
4- Republican Party with progressions and transits for 1-6-2021.
5- Tea Party with progressions and transits for 1-6-2021.
6- USA chart with progressions and transits for 12-21-20.
7- USA Constitution with progressions and transits for 3-7-2032.