TRUMP-PENCE IMPACT ON USA (January 30, 2017)

Author : Theresa McDevitt
Jan 30, 2017

Among the many birth charts proposed for USA, Cibly’s chart for July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm, Philadelphia, PA, once again proves to be the official one. This fact has been confirmed before and most recently by the tragic events of September 11, 2001. For the first time in the country’s history, transiting Pluto hit the exact degree of America’s rising sign at 12 degrees Sagittarius.  As it was expected, the powerful Planet of major transformations forever altered the image and destiny of the nation (refer to my book Why History Repeats).

The 2016 presidential election has taken the world by a storm, mainly on account of the controversial partnership between the new president and vice president. For 241 years  America has been the envy of the world by its multi-ethnic, multi-religious, successful democratic system, which the new authoritative administration is making a priority to overturn into a Christian theocracy. The double wheel chart below shows the USA natal chart with the Trump-Pence composite in the outer wheel (refer to composite interpretation in this website).

The following list of the main aspects pertaining to the impact the Trump-Pence partnership has upon the USA provides more light to present circumstances:

1- Composite Saturn conjuncts US Saturn – This is where both entities have the most in common; Saturn (strict authority) in Libra (undeviating justice), in the 10th house (main objectives, ambitions). This is the strongest position for Saturn and represents a test of power. It refers to the social climber and also called, “the Napoleonic complex” that leads to a rise to the top followed by a fall, unless pride and ego are controlled. 

2- Saturn square US Sun in Cancer (nurturing image is inhibited and oppressed turning into egocentric nationalism, selfishness, and overemphasis on materialism).

3- Composite Uranus conjuncts US Sun (defiance to impose drastic and irratic changes to US identity).

4- Composite Sun conjuncts US Mars, square US Neptune and Dark Moon Lilith in 9th house (combative energies are arroused over misleading and deceptic religious beliefs and laws, which promote international relations to suffer malfunction, inconvinience, and loss).  

5- Composite Venus opposite US Pluto in Capricorn (capitalism) in the 2nd house (national treasury), will be compromized by underhanded ulterior motives and corporate greed (8th house).

6- Composite Pluto in 8th house, opposite progressed US Mercury (the only progressed aspect included here). (Absolute convictions and coercive power for control of financial resourses provoke resistance and breakdown in  communication).

7- Composite Moon in Virgo, in 9th house (law, religion, foreigners), conjuncts US Dark Moon Lilith and Neptune (self-righteousness triggers fundamental tensions of obscured and deceptive religious beliefs afftecting national and international laws and relations).

8- Composite Dark Moon Lilith conjuncts US Moon in Aquarius (the revolutionary emotional need for progress, freedom, and independence of the US population (Moon) especially concerning women, confronts a struggle for dominance. Lilith represents that which is hidden, the dark and evil that befalls mankind, the energy that lures the unsuspecting and vulnerable victims by arosing subconscious fears and all which is weak and emotional in them.                    

Lilith in Aquarius stimulates individual sadistic tendencies towards those they consider unknowing and thus feels a duty to force ideas on others and change the world. The intention is to save humanity whether it wants to be saved or not. In the process, everything is destroyed whether it is good or not because all that matters is that far distant goal (Lilith), only to find out at the end that everything that mattered is lost.

(Lilith interpretation is based on a little old book by Lois Daton published in 1936. Named for mythic Lilith is supposed  2nd  satellite of Earth, a moon whose shadow is seen on Sun every 6 months. Its existence was certified by U.S. weather Bureau in 1879. This dark moon absorbs light instead of reflecting it as does the white moon).

Conclusion:  Considering all of the above in addition to US Sagittarius rising (multi-ethnic nation of immigrants personality, supremacist notions, emphasis on law, faith, religion, sports, wealth, adventure, publicity, open spaces, and growth), the birth chart for the Declaration of Independence presented here shows its true validity. Most significant is the conjunction of Neptune-Lilith in the 9th house confirming the complexity of religious beliefs, most importantly, the deceptive religious tactics used to coerce and apeal to the emotions of the vulnerable for political advantage. It also explains U.S. exports of religious missionaries around the world.

The fact that the Trump-Pence composite and USA have significant connections involving both natal Moons, both Dark Moon Lilith inclusive of Neptune and the 9th house, clearly explain the present circumstances affecting the nation, such as the ban on Muslem refugees and the ban on abortion rights. The old dream of enforsing laws against women’s rights due to religious beliefs is being reactivated again by the new Christian-American administration. The prospect for turmoil and religious wars at the end of the Pisces Age of religious persecusion and victimization, together with men’s desire to keep women controlled and oppressed continues, but should not be happening in the suposevely most advanced society in the world - the USA.