Author : Theresa H. McDevitt
Nov 16, 2016

The 2016 presidential election showed that America is not ready yet for the people’s revolution that messenger Sanders was talking about.  Americans are still worshiping idols and drinking the Evangelical cool-aid against “liberty and justice for all”, and against progress.  They elected the egomaniac billionaire who ran on a platform of lies, hate, and bigotry that supporters prefer to call “speaking the truth”.  White men loved his message and showed up in droves to get their country back after 8 years of a black president; whom they never considered a natural born American or a Christian.

It’s disheartening to know so many Americans share the beliefs of our next president; a man who lies without scruple, threatens to prosecute political opponents, and practices the blood sport of destroying whoever disagrees with him. He wants to curtail the freedom of the press; does not believe in climate change; gleefully insults women, minorities, and immigrants; is vicious, vulgar, vindictive, and profane, and won the presidency with the loud support of racist white supremacists, anti-Semites and Evangelicals.

The one good thing he accomplished was to expose the hypocrisy of the so called, “Christians”, who teamed up with him despite his lack of moral values or decency.  The main thing these two entities have in common, besides not paying taxes, is their insatiable hunger for power and wealth. There’s nothing these people won’t do in the name of God.  They led a national phone campaign convincing the mindless, blind followers that Mrs. Clinton is a “baby killer” because she favors women’s rights.

The fanatic Evangelical Vise-president Pence is anti-women, anti-gays, and anti-everybody else’s freedoms. He’s been leading a fight against Planned Parenthood, set all kinds of obstructions on women’s rights, and implemented a $10,000 fine to anyone applying for a same-sex marriage license in his state of Indiana.

Now that the Right-wingers took over our entire government including the Supreme Court, they think they have a mandate from God to do as they please.  The entire country will suffer the consequences, not only Moslems, Blacks, Hispanics, and gays, but also astrologers, artists, and all other intellectuals, maybe even the scientists.  It would not be the first time this country organizes a witch hunt.  The marriage between Church & State has been accomplished.  America is officially an Evangelical Capitalistic Nation (contrary to what the Founders had in mind).

 The American Taliban is reaching the same level as the Islamic Taliban in their quest to annihilate each other. This will be the final HOLY WAR that will close the Pisces Age of blind faith, persecution and victimization. USA has been taken back to the DARK AGES and it will be the next religious empire to fall.  The Democratic Party and the TV Pundits failed to recognize or accept that religion was the catalyst that put Trump in the White House.  It will take another revolution during the transition to the Aquarius Age to bring Democracy back.

Republicans were also naïve to think they could use the religious vote to win elections in order to finish the job of eliminating government by privatizing it.  Little did they know the Evangelicals had their own plan in mind to obtain power over them in order to satisfy their own selfish aims for power and control.  As it turned out, Donald Trump used both of them to fulfills his own dream of becoming U.S. Emperor and Chief.

He used the Right-wingers to attain power the same way Republicans did and it caused them to lose the party.  Trump rescued the party but not without a demand to bow to him or else be hanged.  Will the Trump Party survive the Right-wingers, or vice verse?  Stay tuned and watch the next episode of the Apprentice in the White House, Trump’s new Reality Show.  But if you really want to know WHAT, WHEN, HOW, and WHY anything happens in the world at any time, read my new book, THE COSMIC HOURGLASS OF TIME.

There is a reason and a time for everything under the heavens. The world is now under a conservative cycle and the magnanimous Leo Generation (the Boomers (1939-1957) are in charge of the business world and most government establishments. The new U.S. President Elect is the perfect ambassador of the Leo generation making his final impact into the world stage, as the most powerful leader in the free world.

Pluto in Capricorn until 2024 promises to transform the establishment, and the Scorpio generation (Millennials) are ready and destined to do it. They are now on a definite quest for progressive changes and will hold the new Administration accountable. Otherwise, they will start the next revolution, as the previous Scorpio generation did in the late 1700’s during the War of Independence from the British Empire.     

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