Author : Theresa H. McDevitt
Nov 17, 2016

President Obama (Lincoln reincarnated) must feel battered and depressed after all the humiliations he received in office. All his efforts dealing with the endless wars he inherited, and his successful recovery from the worst economic collapse since 1929 he also inherited, nothing mattered. On top of that, he was submitted to the worse insults by the hateful President Elect Trump.

Nonetheless, he can be thankful for not getting killed this time.  What the hatemonger bigots hope to kill is his legacy, after they plodded to obstruct and deprive him of any credit or recognition. 

However, he took one more step in his soul evolution by being the catalyst that exposed the racial divisions that still remain, especially in the government. Also, by his own example he proved to the world that his past efforts to safe the Union and free the slaves were not in vain.  His work is not over yet.

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