Author : Theresa H. McDevitt
Jan 01, 2010


(A shorter version of this article was published in "Today's Astrologer" on January 2010)

As soon as the official document for the Declaration of Independence was agreed upon by the first signers on July 4, 1776, it marked the birth of the United States of America. The new nation was born out of chaos into liberty, and marked by a constant thrust towards progress. This is confirmed by mutable signs posited on the angles, inclusive of Mars and Uranus. Mars was at 21 Gemini while Uranus at 9 Gemini was approaching the opposition to the nation’s Sagittarius ascendant (a multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-religious population breaking away from a foreign empire). Since the point of inception, the Uranus cycle of 84 years (seven years in each of the 12 signs), has marked the most dangerous episodes and crucial turning points in the history of USA.

Every time revolutionary Uranus activates the mutable signs on the angles, destiny-making events take place with major emphasis on social conflicts, tragedies, wars, and assassinations of four US Presidents. Two presidents died of natural causes, while one was shot and lived. In addition, many Civil Rights supporters were also assassinated. Whenever Uranus shakes up the status quo and begins to push forward for social changes, the fundamental energies of the US Cancer Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, refuse to give up. What results is a constant tug-of-war between conservative traditions vs. change and progress. Nevertheless, after the turmoil, progress always prevails because it works in accord with the nature of the universe/Universal Law – always moving forward.

The Jupiter-Saturn cycle, believed to be responsible for the alleged “Presidential Curse,” seems to perfectly synchronize with the Uranus cycle. This is due to the 20-year interval between each Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, and the 20-21 year phases required for Uranus to transit between each mutable angle. These mutable positions inevitably form conjunctions, squares, and oppositions to the nation’s natal mutable planets. Uranus acts as a key trigger repeating cycles that are specific to the USA chart. Therefore the nature of these contacts reveals much in connection to its history.

The following recollection of the Uranus cycle and its bearing upon the USA applies equally to the Gemini or Sagittarius ascendant charts. British astrologer Ebenezer Sibly published the first US horoscope in 1787 for July 4, 1776, 4:50 pm, Philadelphia, PA.  Due to confusion between Greenwich Mean Time and Local Mean Time a number of charts emerged, all rectified from 4:50 pm. Among them, two rival Sibly charts remained.  The first one for 4:50 pm has 8 Sagittarius on the ascendant, with Uranus on the 7th house, and 25 Virgo on the Mid-Heaven.  This one is the most compatible with the Uranus cycle.  The other  for 5:10 pm has 12 Sagittarius on the ascendant.  In fact, after the  tragic events of September 11, 2001 with transiting Pluto at 12 Sagittarius, it raised new questions as to which chart proves the most accurate. Pluto's first conjunction to the US ascendant forever changed the image and destiny of the nation.  However, both Sagittarius ascendant charts equally support the Declaration of Independence.


1774-82 – Revolutionary War; Boston Tea Party; Declaration of Independence from the British Empire; the US Constitution drafted. (Due to limited space, other

events in this Cycle until 1858 are not included in this recollection).

1858-66 – The Civil War; Emancipation Proclamation; President Lincoln assassination.

1941-48 – W.W.II; Holocaust; Pearl Harbor attack; D-Day landing in Normandy; Race Riots in several major cities due to influx of southern Blacks; President F. D. Roosevelt “New Deal” and elected to a forth term, followed by his death;

Battle of the Bulge; Atomic Bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.



1878-85 – Abolition; President J. A. Garfield assassination.

1961-69 – Cuban Invasion; Cuban Missile Crisis; President J.F.K. assassination; Civil Rights Movement; shootings in Selma, AL, and Black church bombing killed

four girls; Vietnam War; students demonstrations and some were shot by the

National Guard; “Black Power” riots; Malcolm X, Reverend M. L. King, and

Robert Kennedy assassinations.


OPPOSITION – Sagittarius (conjunct U. S. Ascendant):

1897-1904 – Spanish American War (“Teddy Roosevelt Wars”); President W. McKinley assassination.

1981-88 – President Reagan’s “Evil Empire”; “Star Wars” and “War on Drugs”, openly backed Contra rebels in Nicaragua; US invasion of Panama and Granada; President Reagan shot in assassination attempt; Muslims destroyed US embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, and suicide bombers killed hundreds of US and UN peacekeeping forces in the Marine barracks, followed by withdrawal of

all US forces from Lebanon; Cold War crisis; NATO formed; the Savings &

Loans financial crisis.



1919-27 – Prohibition wars; Ku Klux Klan became political power; President Harding died; beginning of Great Depression.

2003-10 – Trial and conviction of Klansman for 1963 bombing in Selma; massive

reversals of Civil rights; President W. Bush “Axis of Evil, Faith-based Initiatives, The Patriot Act”, corporate deregulation, and privatization of Government institutions; War on Afghanistan; Iraq Occupation; US base in Guantanamo used for suspected terrorists to avoid US law; hurricane Katrina tragedy in New Orleans; major economic collapse; government bailout of Wall St., banks, GMC; first Black President elected; Supreme Court granted corporations unlimited political campaign contributions; national political crisis; “Tea Party” demonstrators against the new administration; healthcare reform debacle.

The Uranus cycle that began in 1941 is now in the process of consolidation until 2025. Naturally, all the social initiatives established at the time by President F.D.R. such as, Medicare, Social Security, Veterans benefits, are up for re-evaluation and re-negotiation. The nation is again involved in war, and likens to the Nazi terrorists then, Islamic suicide bombers are the new terror. In addition, the Constitution is in dire need of re-evaluation and restoration. Hence, towards the end of the current Uranus cycle when at the same time Pluto returns to where it was in 1776, all of the above issues will begin to be forced to a climax point.


The next Uranus-USA cycle begins in 2025. Looking back at previous conjunctions, we can anticipate a combination of a revolutionary and civil war, this time against our national empire. This upheaval will be the result of a corrupt capitalistic system that requires lawmakers in Congress to accept contributions from lobbyists in order to remain in power. This accounts for the intense racial, cultural, and economic divisions plaguing the country. Thus, we can also anticipate a whole new beginning for the nation, marked by the Uranus return to Gemini, which this time coincides with Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius in 2024.


Uranus returns to Gemini (2025-32), waxing square in Virgo (2045-52), opposition in Sagittarius (2065-72), and waning square in Pisces (2087-94). All the possible events regarding these years and others can be found in the book by this author, “Why History Repeats” – Mass Movements & the Generations, Past – Present – Future. Although this book mainly relates to the powerful cycle of Pluto and its effect upon the world, it proves that all planetary cycles work in perfect synchronicity.

The universe constantly provides new ways for humanity to correct past mistakes and initiate new paths towards progress. These prompts are mainly indicated by the generational outer planets. Planetary cycles work as the engine that causes history to repeat itself; for the cycles inevitably recur. Only when mankind learns from its past errors is it positioned to rise above its past errors so as not repeat the same destructive acts. When populations remain ignorant, their citizens never taught to understand these powerful planetary cycles, there is a greater probability that old behaviors will recur. As students of life on planet Earth, astrologers have a responsibility to act as messengers conveying these realities and cosmic truths. How else to contribute to the acceleration of the evolutionary process of humanity, as intended by the Creator?

Hence, the study of planetary cycles should be a priority. Before we can fully understand what is happening in a person’s life, first we have to know the energies affecting the world in general at any particular time. The same is always reflected in the individual charts because we are all connected to the cosmos. We must remember the wisdom in the words of the venerable sage Hermes, “as above, so below”, as well as, Jesus’ words, “Thy will, will be done on earth, as it appears in the heavens.”

The Uranus cycle applied to the US Declaration of Independence chart:

Gemini: 1774-82, 1858-66, 1941-48, 2025-32.

Virgo: 1794-1801, 1878-85, 1961-69.

Sagittarius: 1813-21, 1897-1904, 1981-88.

Pisces: 1835-43, 1919-27, 2003-10.

Please Note: Information extends to the future.
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