Author : Theresa H. McDevitt
May 03, 2016

By Theresa H. McDevitt

The Uranus-Pluto cycle is one of the most significant planetary cycles in the evolutionary process of humanity. The intensification between the principle of sudden change (Uranus) and the principle of death and regeneration (Pluto) creates overturning forces that promote the most revolutionary social, political, and economic changes. The urge to throw off the past and disengage from outmoded structures becomes imperative. But social change only occurs when enough like-minded people bond together to enforce it.   

The Uranus-Pluto cycle consist of approximately 115-140 years between conjunctions, and 28 to 46 years between each of the 4 quadrants. The last conjunction at 17 Virgo from 1965 to 1968 resulted in the Civil Rights movement that forever changed the culture in USA. In addition, there were massive demonstrations against the Vietnam War and against government. In 2011, as soon as these two planets began to align at a critical 90 degree angle forming the first square, tumultuous demonstrations and revolutions began to take place in Arab nations and others places, against the old suppressive and abusive regimes.  In America there was the “Occupy Wall Street” movement against unfair economic tactics that led to the 2008 worst economic decline since the Great Depression.  The protest about the 1% of people having more wealth than the rest of the 99% altogether is no coincidence.

Striking similarities occurred after the previous conjunction of 1850-51 during the square in 1929. At the time, the working people were living on credit and high unemployment while 1% of Americans controlled 40% of the wealth. These were the self-made industrialists- billionaires that gave birth to the American capitalistic system during the prosperity boom of the Industrial Revolution. They established the first American family dynasties and business empires that still exist to this date. After the crash of 1929, it was government initiatives that brought the country back to prosperity.  

Squares herald a time when the changes initiated at the conjunction come up for review and rectification. What went wrong or failed its positive achievement needs to be fixed in order to make new strides and set new trails towards progress for the benefit of the whole. Every country is motivated according to their particular circumstances while the earth reacts to man’s blunders with critical weather patterns and changes. Unless positive changes are implemented, the conflicts, problems, and demonstrations continue to increase and can escalate to dangerous levels. Conflicts begin close to exactness, throughout the square, and afterwards with dire lasting consequences. 

The Uranus-Pluto cycle always initiate significant social, political, and economic changes that redirect the course of history. However, what transpires afterwards depends on whether or not constructive corrections and adjustments are established during the course of the cycle. This time around, the corporate government and right-wing politicians in their relentless pursued to dismantle government, are determined to prevent any initiatives from assisting the suffering masses.       

The Virgo generation (1957-72), especially those born during the conjunction, could be confronting the most significant turning point of their lives. They were born at a crucial turning point in history thus they will be the catalysts toward the fulfillment of the objectives initiated at the conjunction (1965-68). Virgo represents the working people, healthcare, the military, and labor unions, the prime casualties of the unscrupulous tactics of the powerful responsible for the current crisis of unemployment and homelessness. Thus, the Virgo generation troops are now being challenged to pick up the torch for human and civil rights left by the previous courageous warriors, such as the Kennedy brothers and the Reverend M.L. King, who lost their lives in the struggle.

It is also no coincidence America has the first black president of the Virgo generation. Whether or not he was aware it was his destiny to be picking up the civil rights torch at this precise time, he tried his best to move the country forward. As it was to be expected, he was confronted with a mob of prejudiced obstructionists who ganged up against him and cannot wait to undue his accomplishments. Nevertheless, as the square begins to lose its punch, the issues of race and poverty prevail while trillions are spent on political campaigns.

The science/art of astrology explains everything affecting our lives and the earth at any given time. Unlike the sensational speculations by the corporate Media, religious preachers or psychics, astrologers have plenty of scientific facts to rely upon. For example: We can chart the timing for the “earth changes” predicted in the 1930’s by Edgar Cayce, “the sleeping prophet” and We can also make sense about the Mayan calendar ending in 2012, among other things.

The present destabilizing square (2011-16) that has shaken up the world is to be interpreted as a wake-up call to move forward; from illusion to reality, as we come to the end of the Pisces Age. Believing that everything that happens is “God’s will,” paralyses progress. As long as the masses allow self-deluded gurus, corrupted politicians, and clergy to decide their destiny, progress will remain a distant dream. 

Dreadful times will have to be faced if progress is not made before the next time the issues of SOCIAL, POLITICAL and ECONOMIC CHANGE come up again for review in 2046-68. Uranus will be in Virgo opposite Pluto in Pisces marking the official end of the Pisces Age. (My book WHY HISTORY REPEATS offer perspective of events going on at these specific dates).