Author : Theresa H. McDevitt
Sep 01, 2009

This is one of those crucial times in history when learning the logic of the stars becomes the only way to find out the truth for our selves. Knowledge of the oldest science on Earth provides the most reliable method to sort out the truth from all the deceitful and misleading propaganda out there; too many glory hounds, who will say anything for power, fame, and fortune; for which, they find it necessary to keep people dependent, frightened, confused, and ignorant.


Those who read my book WHY HISTORY REPEATS were not surprised to see the drastic changes as soon as Pluto officially entered Capricorn in January 2009. Suddenly the country turned from the Sagittarius extreme excesses and over optimism, to the Capricorn limitation, restriction, fear, and depression. The over-expansion turned into over-contraction. (During the Sagittarius cycle the word “faith” replaced “religion”).


The drive for supremacy, idealism, and over-reaching is empowered when Pluto is in Sagittarius. In addition, during this cycle, the imperialistic Leo generation took charge of the system, including the last 4 administrations (1993-08). Pluto in Leo empowers the natural aptitudes for leadership, desire for high accomplishments and success at all costs. Some chose the road to greatness at the expense of others, either for self-glorification or higher profits and extravagant salaries for the new monarchs of corporate and religious empires.

The over-consumption and over-expansion encouraged by these two imperialistic fire signs created a selected group of multimillionaires and billionaires, as well as the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression. The system is corrupted and broken; involved in two unwinnable wars; the social systems dismantled; the rule of law disregarded; the constitution trampled; and privatization of government to cause its demise is about to be accomplished. Private agencies receiving millions in federal funds have been left to run their own hypothetical kingdoms without supervision or oversight.

The religious/ethnic movement promoted by the Sagittarius cycle also increased the power and determination of fanatic Islamic terrorist organizations to kill the infidel in God’s name and take over the world. Likewise, American Christian leaders and organizations acquired enough power and wealth to continue demanding a place in government to dictate policy. Christianity is now being promoted in the U.S. military, especially in combat against Islamic troops thus giving the impression the Christian Crusaders are back. The battle for religious supremacy got re-energized during this cycle.

The previous Sagittarius cycle (1748-62) witnessed Europe’s Protestant Reformation Movement. Great Britain enforced a single religion and after acquiring colonies around the world became the most powerful. But as soon as Pluto went into Capricorn (1762-78), the new American colonies rebelled against the empire and the church. Hence, the most important items stipulated in the new US Constitution were freedoms from religious and/or imperial tyranny. Ironically, what these courageous new Americans fought so strongly against has been allowed to reoccur.

America is again in the crossroad of history. A corporate and religious empire is now dominating the wealth and authority. Except, this time the religious and imperial tyranny is mostly homegrown and even more powerful. They are the lobbyists that control the lawmakers in Congress.

Knowing that history repeats according to Pluto’s cycle, the economic crisis will continue until the people reclaim their government towards the end of the Capricorn cycle, as it happened before during the Revolutionary War against the oppressive British Empire. Meanwhile, the state of the union had never been so divided; between those who control it and the rest of the people; between wealth and poverty; between races and nationalities; conservatives and progressives; and between those who can see through the veil of lies and powerful propaganda, and those who cannot.


Some preachers and mega churches are running tax exempt, multibillion corporations. In 2007, as reported by “Americans United for Separation of Church/State”, TV Evangelist, Pat Robertson received $250 millions in federal funds in addition to his own tax-free TV collections from his bully-pulpit for political manipulation in God’s name. Many other wealthy ministries receive billions from the government for social services. They almost finalized the goal of “taking control of all institutions and government, using the United States to create a global Christian empire”, promoted by Pat Robertson since the late ‘80s. Since then, they have been gradually dismantling the public systems. Evangelism in America found a mask for fascism in patriotism and the Bible.

Although organized religion had a purpose during the Pisces Age, it also proved detrimental when involved in government. The world has yet to learn from the disturbing memories of the Christian Crusades, Moorish Invasions, European Inquisitions, Protestant Reformation, the Holocaust, the Islamic Taliban, Iran’s theocracy/fascism, genocide in Bosnia, Rwanda, the Sudan, and ongoing “holy wars” in the Middle East, which have spilled over the entire world.

Since religion invaded the political system, Republicans and Democrats alike became so called, “Social Conservatives”, the new name for a religious/corporate empire (union of Church & State), hidden behind the banner of Democracy. The two-party system now consists of a single empire that requires remaining depended on the lobbyist establishment that controls legislation.

To believe that America is still a democracy is simply an illusion. The main requirements for a government position are: prove of being a Christian, against gay marriage, and against women’s right to choose. President Obama, as a constitutional scholar appeared to want to reverse the trend, but soon realized that if he wants to remain in office, he has to abide by the rules of the new Social Conservative Party. He even had to agree to continue the “Faith-based Initiatives” (government in support of religion established by his “born again” predecessor), knowing it is against the constitution. Religion kept the previous president in office.

The new president is also the first representative of the Virgo generation to be in office. Virgo’s main concerns are jobs, education, and health care – the areas in dire need for reform. This will be a major challenge, unless he is willing to compromise with powerful Christian organizations, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Assoc., and insurance companies that control the system. We can expect the Social Conservative Party to remain in control of the government throughout most of this cycle, regardless of which political affiliation they claim to support. Nevertheless, the Virgo generation will reform the healthcare system if it’s the last thing they do, and they have until 2024 to do it.

CAPRICORN CYCLE (2008-2024):

Pluto’s return to the sign of fiscal responsibility and discipline is putting everyone on notice to face the hard realities that were ignored during the extreme idealism and excesses of the Leo generation within the Sagittarius cycle. The Capricorn scapegoat has been called upon again to bear the burdens of relieving its people and to free them from their misconceptions. Pluto in Capricorn empowers government to take the lead and restore order. This is a transitional period of recovery and reconstruction in anticipation to the major reforms and changes due to begin during the next Aquarius cycle (2023-43). History attests to the facts that only massive revolts can bring about real changes.

It won’t be easy for the new greedy monarchs (CEO’s) of corporate and religious empires to give up the ostentatious living they created for the selected privilege few. They don’t want to be taxed or abide any type of regulations; they overcompensate themselves by terminating workers; move industries overseas for cheap labor; invest the money elsewhere; thus, they take from the country and don’t give back.

Previous corporate moguls of past generations who built the most successful democracy in the world, did not mind paying decent wages and health care, and did not mind paying fair taxes due to them. They still built fortunes and lived privilege lives because by giving to the country, they got more back. In those days the Media was not a corporate controlled monopoly, and conservatism had nothing to do with organized religion. In addition, in those days tax-exempt preachers did not own private jets and multi-million dollar mansions.

Many people unable to think can only parrot what the agents of evil are paid to promote. They want people to believe that compassion for less fortunate is unacceptable, while greed and selfishness is patriotic and even “Christian.” They have people convinced that government is their enemy, contrary to what the Forefathers and Framers of the US Constitution had in mind. These prolific men designed a government specifically for the protection of the people against all forms of tyranny.

The government “of the people, by the people, for the people”, has been hijacked by the new tyrants of the American Corporate-Religious Empire, whose primary aim is to empower themselves at the expense of the rest of the people. They are still trying to destroy what is left of the original government and replace it with their own kind. Thus, to finish the job they resort to scare tactics. This will lead to turbulence during the next three elections until a turning point in 2020. Learning from history would accelerate the evolutionary process and improve the future, thus the God-given science of astrology can help sleeping souls awaken from the lethargy and apathy that afflicts them.

The universe is always on time and although freewill and awareness can modify destiny, it never interferes with the primordial “divine plan” indicated by the precise cyclical predictability of the “heavenly bodies”. “There’s a time for everything under the heavens” and the predestined cycle of Pluto shows the timing. Every 250 years Pluto returns to the same sign and exposes into the light all that has gone wrong so it can be renewed and improved. Pluto’s cycle is imperative to the evolution and progress of humanity. Knowing the highest purpose of the signs can help humanity avoid the negative outcomes. For example:

POSITIVE SAGITTARIUS: The highest purpose is to learn expansion of consciousness that results from cultural exchange with mutual respect. The knowledge acquired from travel and interaction with other cultures can be liberating and limitless. Universal awareness provides a closer connection to God, realizing that what affects one, affects ALL. In an enlightened world, ethnic-religious wars need not happen. Fair trade, diplomacy, integration, and cooperation benefit everyone. “Live and let live” would be a reality. The advanced consciousness does not need to use force in order to teach and encourage growth, and enforcing immigration laws prevents problems.

NEGATIVE: When the drive for supremacy intensifies causing forced migrations, and as people strive to maintain a sense of national pride, ideology becomes a divisive force. This allows the tyrants of the world to hold people in bondage by preying on beliefs, ignorance, greed, hate, prejudice. The use of religion, race, status, and other divisive forms of control results in terrorism. A society restrained from spiritual growth (beyond religion), tends to expand physically and materially by over-reaching, overeating, and overspending. Supremacy becomes superficiality. Emotional attachment to organized religion perpetuates the fearless competition that prevents peace on earth.

POSITIVE CAPRICORN: The highest purpose is for government to administer the civil rules according to constitutional laws for the protection of all citizens regardless of race, creed, nationality, or financial status, in order to prevent tyranny. A just and trustful government is necessary to the survival of a society.

NEGATIVE: When government is sold to the highest bidders among the most powerful, it can no longer function for the people thus; it becomes a tyrannical empire or dictatorship. The only prospect for abuse of power is the downfall that leads to chaos and deterioration of society. When the welfare of the people seizes to be a government priority it can no longer remain a democracy (in a real democracy the previous U.S. administration would be in prison for deception, war crimes, and other illegalities).

CONCLUSION: America is witnessing today a repeat of the same old scary movie, with the same scary monsters, whom the so called, “Conservatives” refer to as; liberals, communists, socialists, terrorists, humanists, atheists, end times, baby killers, gays, illegal immigrants, minorities, and even astrologers. These dubious tactics are designed for the purpose of obstructing and delaying the evolutionary growth process that would lead the masses to freedom from tyranny. Scare tactics may allow them to enjoy some temporary successes, but they won’t be able to stop Pluto from returning government to the people and eradicating corruption.

This time Conservatives are using a new dubious tactic to influence voters called, “The Tea Party Movement.” Many unsuspected followers are fooled into believing they are only interested in eradicating government corruption, while in reality they are being organized and funded by powerful religious and business corporations. Obviously, these corporate entities are the main perpetrators of the corruption, whose only aim is a total control of government in order to avoid taxes and regulations.

Regardless of the present circumstances, towards the end of the Capricorn cycle history will repeat again, as the masses rise up and reclaim the government of the people, for the people. The future promises the most progressive government since the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Aware souls trust the process and know they must help. Democracy and Astrology have a lot in common; both are based on the principles of social equality and respect for all individuals, i.e., reason, impartiality, and objectivity.

Now you know why religion condemns astrology.

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