Author : Theresa H. McDevitt
Jan 11, 2016

The Ego Inflated Plutocrat Donald Trump’s primary motto is DIVIDE AND CONQUER and his rhetoric sounds a lot like Natsysm: 

“I will make America great again for us the Chosen Ones, but first those other people will have to be removed. I will put up walls of concrete and prejudice and if you join me in division and separation, I will bring prosperity to you and you will all be rich like me”. 

The Donald’s show-off Leo rising celebrity signature is his golden mane of hair perfectly combed. And as a Gemini Sun Sign he has a long line of BS.

#2 and #3 are the two power-hunger Cubans who were influenced by their dictator-minded Cuban refugee parents who grew up conditioned to a dictatorship and still hate Castro for ending it. The one born in Canada from a Cuban born father claims to be an American on account of his mother’s birth in this country. The deluded Evangelicals are funding his campaign hoping to get the Latino vote. The other one whose parents were born in Cuba also claims to be an American by birth in Miami where the Cuban dictator and his followers got settled after Castro forced them out. Neither one is qualified to be a US President, except for sharing the same underhanded Republican mentality of greed, prejudice, hatred, and totalitarianism. Other than the Right-wing Miami Cubans, they do not represent the rest of the American Latino community. 

In the name of “Free Enterprise” Republicans can’t wait to hand over to their cronies every government agency; schools, post office, utilities, social security, Medicare, the military, VA hospitals, health clinics, etc. Privatizing the entire US government means more corporate power over the people by the privileged few. Already, monies are being transferred from public schools, clinics, and social services to religious organizations, which will make sure to keep the masses in subdued ignorance.

The three Republican candidates are a joke and a danger to our country. Unfortunately, those in the Republican Establishment are so determined to finish the job of taking over the country from the people; they don’t care as long as they win. The wealthy/corporate 1% and Evangelical organizations, which always invest millions to get their people elected only aim to multiply their investment. 

The world is now under a powerful influence concerning the 114-year cycle of social change between the planets Pluto and Uranus (transforming the past towards progress). The cycle that began with the conjunction in Virgo (military service, the working people) from 1964 to 1968 promoted war protests and the Civil Rights Movement. Since 2012 to 2016 these two planets have been at a crucial 90-degree angle from each other from conservative Capricorn to independent Aries. During this conflicting first square awareness of what transpired since the cycle began is intensified. The entire world has been in turmoil. The oppressing forces determined to hold on to ultimate power are causing havoc among the freedom seekers of the world who are ready for new beginnings.

It is not a coincidence the U.S. Presidential race represents the personification of the crucial square in process: Donald Trump represents the Plutocrat bigots of the country (Pluto in Capricorn) with utopian promises of supremacy that sound more like the Nazis in WWII. Obviously, becoming the most powerful man in the world will satisfy his inflated ego. And as a shrewd businessman he expects to benefit from privatization in addition to no regulations and no taxes for him and his billionaire corporate cronies.

Bernie Sanders personifies the Uranus in Aries firebrand humanitarian socialist striving for equality challenging the status quo of the existing power structure. He is more like a destined messenger from the future promoting awareness, because it is time for the masses to wake up from their lethargy before further damage is done to the country. A hopeful sign of awakening is the support he is getting among the younger generations. Hopefully his message will continue to resonate in the minds of the rest of the people. Another hopeful sign was the prevention of another Bush from reviving the same failed and destructive policies as before.

Hillary Clinton represents the alternative middle of the road. She could represent the first steps in the transition between the old and the new, the past and the future. Maybe with the Clintons back in office the public will be reminded and finally convinced of how far Republicans are willing to go to destroy the country’s Democratic system. Apparently, the persecution of the Clintons and the obvious persecution to destroy Obama and his legacy has not been enough among the misinformed!

The outcome of the upcoming presidential race will be depended on the masses’ level of awareness, but judging by the massive support for the egocentric Trump I don’t think the masses are ready yet for the people’s revolution expected in the new Aquarian Age. Many people still adhere to the old syndrome from the Pisces Age of worshiping idols (whoever appears to be above the rest by wealth, image, or position).  It’s not going to be easy to topple the corrupt conservative congress in power or to overturn the redistricting system and the manipulation of voting machines owned by corporate entities. In any case, I think the next U.S. President could be a one-term President in anticipation to the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn and Aquarius, beginning in 2020 and culminating in 2022-23 with Pluto’s first return to where it was during the 1776 Revolutionary War of Independence. 

At this time, a powerful ambition emerges for long-range goals out of the past restrictions. Most likely, it will take another massive revolution, political or otherwise, especially at the advent of the new Aquarius Age of diversity and equality. In 2023 Pluto officially enters the revolutionary sign of Aquarius as it did at the beginning of our new nation. Knowing that Pluto impels history to repeat, we can anticipate the beginning of a NEW GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, and WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL to be resuscitated and transformed towards a more progressive future. This is all provided the new generations are as brave as their predecessors in 1776.  However, the transitional process could take years of revolt and instability. 

These are exciting times in the history of the world and only the science of astrology can help us to fully understand. I will write again after the nominees for the two parties are chosen. Meanwhile, it will be fun to watch the two dictator-wannabes, soon to begin verbal fight between the Gemini Trump (big mouth) and the Gemini Rubio (motor mouth). Enjoy the show, but this election is no laughing matter. Messenger Bernie Sanders is sounding the alarm loud and clear. Let’s also beware of the misleading Corporate Media.

Please Note: Information extends to the future.
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