Author : Theresa H. McDevitt
Mar 09, 2022

Putin’s senseless and utterly brutal war for the purpose of forcing the sovereign country of Ukraine into submission at the end of the PISCES AGE is testimony of what the last 2,100 years have been about; Tyrants occupying other people’s land by force and massacres against humanity using religious and ethnic divisions. Heavy sanctions on Putin and his oligarchs mean nothing to him. Sanctions never hurt the powerful as much as they hurt the regular people. Evil dictators never give a damn about anyone or anything, except satisfying their egocentric ambition for power, especially if they feel close to losing it, as in Putin’s case. 

The same delusional aspect that caused him to believe on a swift success also shows a weakening health condition (Neptune Square Sun). But after seeing the bravery of Ukrainians and the entire world united against him, it made him even more determined to fulfill his ultimate dream of eliminating the competition. His lucky aspect from Uranus to his natal and progressed Jupiter throughout 2022-23 gives him enough confidence to continue his nuclear threats, intimidation and brutal assault until there’s nothing left in Ukraine and provably in him. 

He must also think that if the U.S. Republican Party wins the Mid-term election (the party that formally stood up to him and now wants to sleep with him), they will support him as they support their own criminal dictator Trump. Putin knows they are all in the same page about doing away with Democracy and NATO, turning their countries backwards into authoritative theocracies with the help of religion. This temporary win will end together with Pisces Age.  

Unfortunately, when evil people find themselves cornered, they try to take as many others with them as possible. Putin opened up Russia’s airways to the same underhanded Evangelist propaganda as those in America. Also liken to America, Russian Journalists and others are testifying having been victims of death threats unless they favor the dictator. Putin took a page from Trump’s book of dishonest tactics such as, lies, conspiracy theories and “fake news” to get support from the faithful in Russia. The main Evangelical doctrine used to manipulate the minds of the fearful is their obsession with the end of the world for Jesus, which they claim requires an eminent 3rd WW by a “million-man army from China.” This will be another big disappointment among the many throughout the age.  Unfortunately, it's still difficult for many people to disbelieve the old-time religion.

The result of this dubious repetitive message makes it easier for the faithful to accept war in God’s name and wait anxiously for its completion. Apparently, Putin like Trump, thought they had gathered enough support from blind followers for the confidence needed to execute their plans. Obviously, neither one is a true believer in Christianity; they simply took advantage of the opportunity.

The true believers are smarter to realize neither China or President Biden is taking the bait to submit the world into a cruel and irrational war. China is a Libra-Aquarius Nation, which is only interested in marching to their own drummer towards their own idea of rational independence as a whole. They have achieved immeasurable growth and wealth without religion or wars. Their main interest is to continue the business success as the greatest provider of merchandise around the world. China has the potential to be the hero mediator to stop Putin’s war. The real evil murderers are the ones promoting unnecessary catastrophic wars for power while hiding behind organized religion.    

If Putin is unable to force Nations into submission or force the ideological 3rd WW, a delusional egomaniac like him could take the nucleal recourse to show his power. This is precisely what USA and NATO are trying to avoid. So far, Ukraine has a real hero in President Zelensky, who is heroically holding the fort during Putin’s relentless and criminal bombardment. He is pleading for help from the entire world to help him stop Putin, knowing there’s no other hope for him and his people. They rather die than live under Putin and Russia’s oppressive regime and so do the rest of Democracies in the region.

The great MAJORITY of people in the world are the sensible who stand for freedom, progress and peace. They can no longer remain silent while a MINORITY continues to conspire against them. It’s time for the MAJORITY to unite in exposing the culprits responsible for dispersing the malignant and damaging propaganda of “the end of the world” based on fear to mislead and subjugate blind followers. The traditional wolfs disguised as lambs need to be exposed for the self-deluded power-hungry criminals they are, as they continue exploiting the emotional vulnerability of the faithful. 

The conclusion to the last 2,100 years of PISCES AGE about religious persecution, victimization, deceit, illusion and worshiping lords, masters, martyrs and idols (negative qualities of Pisces), already appears to be the most difficult. It won’t be easy to come out of the ingrained mentality caused by the misinterpretation of the Holy Scriptures written by the Hebrews and used by the Romans to shape the Bible. The prophets recorded the end of the TAURUS AGE as Moses was trying to turn the people away from worshiping the Bull, related to the sign Taurus. They also clearly described the end of the Iron ARIES AGE, the sign of blood and war, tools, swords, worship of leaders and warriors, the blood of the lamb, bloody robes and violent battles, emphasizing the main qualities of the sign Aries. 

The main belief of these ancient spiritual scientists was reincarnation, what they described as God’s gift for the atonement of original sins to save the soul; through “eternal life, born again, the rising of the dead, a new heaven and new earth” (new birth map in new place), etc., and the “truth that makes you free” (meaning free to choose condition of next lifetime; main reason religion forbids that truth). 

Christianity misinterpreted the “end of the age” as the “end of the world” (end of life). They have been expecting the world’s end with Jesus return ever since then. They don’t’ know what Jesus meant by saying he would return when “the sign of a man carrying a pitcher of water was in the sky” (meaning in the future Aquarius Age). His martyrdom was the symbol of the Pisces age and he was killed trying to explain reincarnation. Next time people will be ready for the “great news.” 

There’s no doubt these prolific ancient scientists, called “wisemen” at the time, used the science of the stars (astrology) to figure out all the mathematical calculations related to earth’s seasons, calendars, eclipses, cycles, etc., still used by astronomy today. They also named the 12 months of the year after the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 7 days of the week after the 7 visible planets in all the Latin languages. One of their great discoveries was the precise calculations of the Precession of the Equinoxes, the system that creates the GREAT WORLD AGES related to the 12 signs of the zodiac. 

Putin’s delusional and criminal war of choice is a consolidation of the age of tyrannical ideologues. It should be a lesson on knowing what to avoid in the future when choosing leaders. PEACE ON EARTH depends on people’s level of awareness in order to decode truth and reality from deception and absurdity.
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