Update after 2012 Presidential Election

Author : Theresa H. McDevitt
Jan 01, 2012

UPDATE: After running a campaign of lies, deception, and religious implications threatening Women's Rights and favoring the very wealthy, the Republican Party lost the 2012 elections. The self-delusion and denial promoted by transiting Neptune conjunct natal GOP Venus, conjunct Tea Party’s natal Sun, and conjunct the composite Sun between their presidential team (Romney-Ryan), left them in a complete state of shock. They had expected to win by a landslide. The GOP/Tea Party was expecting an illusive victory all the way to the end. They were so consumed by the Neptune effect they could not accept facts or failure.

The Tea-Evangelical Party is still in control of the House of Representatives thus when standing for religious principles there is no compromising. They still hope to dismantle the democratic system of government. Thus, while the Tea Party's objective is to protect the power of religion over the people, the GOP's objective is to protect corporations and the wealthy. But, If the GOP expects to hold on to power, they will have to separate from their extreme ideological partners. This won't be easy as long as they remain under Neptune's self-delusion. In the mean time, the Democratic Party will have to fight harder to protect the general public. The masses are no longer willing to be repressed or oppressed, especially by outmoded religious/authoritarian regimes.